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  • Lego passed this old man by back around the time when Hunter S. Thompson ran for Sheriff. I'm literally overwhelmed by how many licensed properties they've utilized and by how many incredible sets they've produced at such alarming rates and by the stunning variety of designs to be found in the wee Lego people they release these days. On a feeble sort of nostalgic level, it's encouraging to see some familiar Lego pieces in this photo: I had those white computer banks! (Mine were yellow or blue or something, though).

    I love some of what I see on Flickr in the way of Lego figures and props. Luckily, Lego products are so expensive that I need never push past the overwhelmed feelings to figure out where to start buying them.

    Also: great photo!

    • I know, right? I can tell by the pixels and by seeing a few fake autopsies in my time…

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