S.H.MonsterArts King Ghidorah Destroys Poe’s Objectivity

I need to be honest with you, dear readers – I’m not sure I’m capable of being objective about the S.H.MonsterArts toy line. “Super-articulated Godzilla action figures” is the sort of thing I found at toy stores in my dreams, but the very idea of them existing in the real world seemed like pure fantasy. And yet, here they are. (True, I wish we could get some monsters from the 1960s and ’70s in addition to the current 1990s lineup, but to say I will take what I can get is an understatement.)

Anyway, as someone who had two Bandai vinyl Godzillas growing up, one of my holy grails was to get a vinyl Ghidorah for him to fight, but sadly, this didn’t come to pass until I was well out of college. And now there’s this…I’m sorry. I know how annoying this sort of gushing is, as other bloggers have annoyed me with the exact same sort of thing.

Anyway, King Ghidorah here (from 1991’s Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah)Β is going to stand ten inches tall and has fully articulated necks, legs, tails, and wings. He’ll cost around $130. I will own him. Here’s hoping for an extra effects pack with a miniature Godzillasaurus and maybe the Futurians’ M.O.T.H.E.R. UFO.

Pics taken from the official Tamashii page.

17 thoughts on “S.H.MonsterArts King Ghidorah Destroys Poe’s Objectivity”

  1. Beautiful toy,It totally captures a crisper sculpt than what vinyl could do….I wonder if they are going to make Ghidorats.

  2. Here's the thing, I don't read blogs for objectivity, I read them for the personality of the writer. When looking for a blog to read, I look for a 'voice' So I guess I'm saying, ignore the haters.

  3. Dang, this looks so awesome. I don't think I can justify buying it myself. I do look forward to an in-depth and gushing review, however.

  4. I'll be honest, I'm not as enamoured of the S.H. Monster Arts Godzilla & Mechagodzilla as I thought I'd be, but I've been waiting so long for a decent Ghidorah and I'm positive, positive, he'll be as awesome as we all want him to be!

  5. Related question-on your "wbich non toho monster should be the next figure" poll, where's Gappa?

  6. I can only register guttural noises when I try to describe how beautiful that is to me. There are no words. It's like surviving a look into the Ark of the Covenant. I'm hoping that my face isn't going to melt in a few seconds.

  7. LOVE how the wings look like fabric dancing around in the wind. I think my old vinyl tried to lie and hide that by adding veins in there, but NO SIR. You must capture the excellent of the monster as a character while honoring the design of the costume.

    For some reason, that detail really sells this thing for me. That and the ridiculously intricate and sharply details scales all over.

    This guy is my favorite monster out of the series. Closing the browser now and doing my best to forget about it since he represents a dangerous path I dare not explore at the moment.

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