Some Awesome MOTUC Fan Art

While searching for Draego-Man fan art, I came across the work of CJEdwards, who’s drawn a quartet of images of the 30th Anniversary figures that actually makes even the non-Draego-Man ones kind of…cool?


I love the monster in the Sir Laser Lot piece…it looks like something from a Spaceman Spiff comic.

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  • These look great!i just noticed that Laserlot would look great if he had Zodak space tattoos.

  • These are really great! Love the Laser-Lot picture! I still feel that Laser-Lot as a figure would be much better if he weren't such a bright, solid blue. I rather like the idea of a Knight character. 🙂

  • There's really just no way to prevent Spector looking like a pile of…cobbled-together design cliches, is there?

    • I don't see why in a line with <s>Bumblebee Man</s> Buzz-Off, the guy who looks like heroic Deadshot is singled out as 'ridiculous' or 'sucky' in terms of design.

      • Mostly because he looks a lot like Deadpool and is a bit of a Mary Sue character (or Gary Stu) from the Brand Manager… I mean the guy is THE MOST LOYAL of ALL the Palace Guards and is rewarded with the Vortex suit by none other than He-Man himself!

        • Not any more fan-wanky than that Illumina character.

          "Oh, she was a member of Grayskull's secret task force! She's an expert at everything! She trained Man-at-Arms! She has her own big cat!"

        • Well now, I hadn't thought of that angle. I mean, Spector certainly has a more personal connection to his creator which may push him ahead of Illumina in this category, but I can't say you're wrong.

          No offense to either character their creators, I like them both in different ways. Interesting observation, considering how often the 2 characters were brought up in the same sentence back during Spector's reveal.

          Also interesting is this art! VERY fun stuff that I feel adds more to my appreciation of these designs as actual characters rather than just toys.

        • I'd say Spector is a bit more than Illumina because Illumina definitely does NOT look like her creators… unlike The Mighty Spector…
          Yes, Illumina taught MAA about Grayskull's secrets, but she apparently died during the whole Mystic wall thing. IIRC she was a decent fighter with powers similar to Glimmer's or Dazzler from X-Men. That is not being an expert at everything. (Based on what her creators have stated. Which could change in MOTUC Canon if she's ever made.)

          Now that is tame compared to being THE MOST LOYAL OF ALL PALACE GUARDS that receives the Godly gift of Time Travel from He-Man himself… (Kinda like how Bella Swan gets the gift of Immortality from Edward Cullen… and Bella Swan is an idealized version of Twilight's Author…)

          Now with that said, I DO LIKE Spector, even if he's a blatant Gary Stu that looks like Deadpool… sure, in my continuity he'll be a comedic character whose whole purpose of being is winning Teela's affections. Laser-Lot on the other hand is the one I HATEHATEHATE! with a passion

  • I liked him when he was revealed, but now, with these brilliant pieces of art, I simply LOVE Sir Laser Lot.

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