Tamashii Teases S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla SDCC Exclusive

Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA, the American distributor for Bandai’s collector brand Tamashii, has been posting enticing pics of what I think is a Matt Frank art piece showing Godzilla smashing the San Diego Convention Center as part of their promotion for their Godzilla SDCC exclusive.

That’s Godzilla’s tail whapping a palm tree.

And that appears to be Godzilla stepping on the SD Convention Center.

It’s unknown at this time whether this will be part of the box art, a poster, or what. I hope there’s at least a swag poster, because Matt Frank has quickly become one of my favorite Godzilla artists (alongside Bob Eggleton and Art Adams – oh, and our own MechaShiva, but more on that later).

Pics surfaced a while back of an S.H. MonsterArts figure that fans have been referring to as “Burning Godzilla,” thought BTNUSA has confirmed that will not┬ábe the name of their exclusive (they have not even confirmed this figure is the exclusive, though that seems like a foregone conclusion at this point).

For non-Godzilla fans, this figure depicts Godzilla in the film Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, when he’s melting down due to an excess of radioactive energy. His skin is glowing orange and steam smokes from his flesh. At the end of the film, he literally melts down.

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  • The burning suit was so hot that the actor kept passing out. H was also electrocuted during water scenes, as the LEDs were powered via a cable through the tail.

  • One of the better Godzilla films- flawed as it is. I knew G-man died before watching it, but I still teared up when I finally got to see it. Hell, I still get choked up. The harp music and warbling lady voice in the background… man.

    One of Kenpachiro's finest moments in a monster suit.