Poe’s Review > The Mighty Spector (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)

“Mmff mffmrmff mffr!”

Where to start with the Mighty Spector?

As every MOTU fan’s long-suffering confidant knows, the Mighty Spector is the creation of Scott Neitlich, brand manager for Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics line. He’s t third release in the 30th Anniversary sub-line, which has already given us the somewhat controversial Fearless Photog by Nathan Bitner and the critically acclaimed Draego-Man by the Four Horsemen; Geoff Johns’ Sir Laser Lot will be arriving in August. Neitlich created the character when he was a kid, and once submitted it to Marvel Comics (for two in-depth interviews about Spector’s creation, go here and here).  Continue reading “Poe’s Review > The Mighty Spector (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)”

Comic Review > “The Lost Knight” (Masters of the Universe, DC Comics, 2012)

“The Lost Knight”

Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciler: Howard Porter
Inker: John Livesay
Colorist: Carrie Strachan
Letter: Sal Cipriano
Assistant Editor: Sarah Litt
Editor: Kwanza Johnson

“The Lost Knight” is the first of a digital-first online miniseries, titled Masters of the Universe, that ties in to DC’s main MOTU miniseries He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.  It will feature a series of character one-shots.

The digital series will debut new chapters twice a month on Saturdays. The second chapter (7/14) is written by Mike Costa with artwork by Jheremy Raapack and it tells the story of He-Man’s most trusted companion, Battle Cat.  The third digital chapter (7/28), written by Kyle Higgins with artwork by Pop Mhan, is an adventure with the captain of the Eternia guard, Man-At-Arms. —DCcomics.com

The first issue focuses not on any classic MOTU characters like He-Man, She-Ra or Skeletor, but on a brand-new character, Sir Laser Lot, who was created by Geoff Johns in his childhood and will be one of the 30th Anniversary figures in Masters of the Universe Classics this year.

There be spoilers after ye olde jump!

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Poe’s Review > Slush Head (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)

Cryogenics was in its infancy when Walt Disney’s head was placed in storage.

For the most part, we’ve long since entered the era of Masters of the Universe Classics featuring characters I scarcely know and am unable to write long winding review-essays about. I never watched The New Adventures of He-Man, and the only toy I owned from the line was Optikk.

So everything I know about Slush Head I read on Wiki Grayskull. Evidently he was the second-in-command of Flogg, the leader of the Evil Mutants with whom Skeletor allied himself in New Adventures. Of course, this being a He-Man cartoon, Slush Head was a complete idiot who often ruined his leaders’ plans.

Also: what the hell is Slush Head? A slug? A lizard?

Slush Head was one of the more notable figures from the NA toy line (here’s his vintage figure), primarily thanks to his special feature – his helmet was filled with water, or rather, the saline/water solution that was often used back in those days (and seems to have turned a disturbing shade of green twenty-three years later – or was it always green? I don’t know). From the little research I’ve done, it appears his arms weren’t bendies even back in the ’80s. Continue reading “Poe’s Review > Slush Head (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)”

Auction Feature > The Devil Warriors

While trawling eBay for bootleg luchador figures (naturally), I came across this…thing.

Dictator-for-Life Skeletor

I’m not exactly sure why, but it kind of freaks me out. It reminds me of the “B-17” sequence in Heavy Metal, I think, which creeped me out as a kid. Unlike undead pirates, undead soldiers just seems wrong and kind of politically distasteful somehow – even when they appear to be undead 1960s South American Communist soldiers. Continue reading “Auction Feature > The Devil Warriors”