Geoff Johns-penned He-Man Comic Debuts Online

You know you’ve lost a bit of interest in your former favorite toy franchise when a comic written by Geoff Johns is released and you don’t even know about it until you happened to wander over to the forums.

Long ago I interviewed Geoff Johns, where he expressed a desire to write a Masters of the Universe comic. Therefore I was rather disappointed when I learned Johns wasn’t writing the new DC miniseries, due out this summer. But it seems Johns did at least get the opportunity to highlight his own creation, Sir Laser Lot, as part of a DC digital-only MOTU side project. (They’re basically minicomics.) Here are the details:

There was a lot of excitement around our April announcement that we’re doing an all-new HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE print comic book – so we have a feeling you’re going to love the news that we’re also producing a digital-first comic book MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. The new comic features a series of character one-shots by various creators, with the first chapter debuting later today.

Written by none other than Geoff Johns with artwork by Howard Porter and John Livesay, the lead-off chapter is a prelude from Eternia’s history that is tied directly to the upcoming  print comic HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.  In his story, Johns introduces an entirely new character that he first imagined when he was just eight years old – Sir Laser Lot.  Mattel even created a new action figure based on the character that will debut at San Diego Comic-Con.

“I’ve been a huge fan of HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE since I was a kid, so it’s cool to write a story for this new series — not to mention teaming up with Howard Porter and John Livesay, my old FLASH partners in crime,” stated Geoff Johns. “And to create an all-new character that will become an action figure – Sir Laser Lot — it’s beyond fun. I’m going to buy like 100 of them.”

The digital series will debut new chapters twice a month on Saturdays. The second chapter (7/14) is written by Mike Costa with artwork by Jheremy Raapack and it tells the story of He-Man’s most trusted companion, Battle Cat.  The third digital chapter (7/28), written by Kyle Higgins with artwork by Pop Mhan, is an adventure with the captain of the Eternia guard, Man-At-Arms.

I get my online comics via Comixology, whose link to the comic is here. There might be other vendors, I’m not sure. I’ll be reviewing the minicomic soon, but I’ve already read it and, aside from some iffiness regarding the character designs, I liked it.

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  • I am not entirely sure ANYONE knew about this prior to like, Friday night, i certainly didn’t see it mentioned on the org until this weekend and i check the news out there at least once a day so. Yea, glad to hear u like it, for $0.99 its worth reading, i just wasnt around to dl it at all this weekend

  • So after sir laser lot and mighty Spector, I’m assuming we should just get used to seeing more characters designed by people involved in MOTU that they created when they were pre teens. Nice.

  • I stumbled it upon it Saturday morning; Matttel and DC didn't do a very good job of getting the word out. I was surprised how much I liked the comic; I was even more surprised how much more my interest grew in his character.

  • Poe, I was at a get together on Friday night at the Charlotte Heroes-Con and everyone was still under the impression that the comic being released Sat. was the DC 6 issue series debuting in July. Definitely a surprise.

  • Very curious to read your review. I wasn't too thrilled with this comic, tbh. I need to read through it another time or two in order to make a full assessment, I think. But Idunno. Unsure about all of these new characters like Laser-Lot and Spector getting such big roles in all of this media. I just feel like they already have so many stories they could tell with all of the other characters that are already there. Why put SO MUCH focus on these guys?

    Ah well…I'm still looking forward to reading more!

  • I liked the comic, except for three things: the Evil Warrior redesigns at the end, the mention of Spector and the idea that Skeletor is afraid of him. It smelled of Toyguru and Geoff John's business deal (Johns gets a toy and Toyguru gets a comic). That being said, I liked the issue. It felt like a Sir Laser-Lot mini-comic and it helped me to like that character much better than the bio did. However, I also imagined if the Star Sisters or Chief Carnivus could have benefited from some new media too.

    I agree with Dan. I'm the LAST guy against new characters and have always advocated new characters in the mythos. The problem is that these new characters are being pushed to explore the brand, when they have all of these obscure, D-list characters who REALLY need the exposure to do this. MYP had new characters, but they also explored their older characters like Stinkor, Two-Bad, Sy-Klone, Roboto and Buzz-Off. MOTU has gotten new places and characters through exploring the older characters.

    Not using the old characters just keeps them as D-listers. Hopefully, these fears will be laid to rest and we will see some older characters as well as Draego-Man, get a digital issue.

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  • I think this is an ideal way to get a comic out there if they're planning on doing it. I don't blame Johns for writing about his character, as it is his idea in the first place, but the reaction to it on both sides has been kind of weird. The fandom doesn't seem to be in love with any of the new characters, excusing Draego-man, but at the same time Spector's heavy media presence feels a little awkward despite what it teases. If they wanted to continue making these, I wouldn't protest at all especially since Mike Costa, writer of the excellent COBRA series at IDW, is doing one. The back story angle for the different characters is more exciting to me than a 6 issue limited series that's in it's own continuity and from the pretty hit-and-miss James Robinson (though when he hits, it's usually a classic).

    I can't think of any new 200X characters that people really love but I admittedly haven't thought a lot about it. At least some of the appeal of MOTUC is the nostalgia and these characters don't have any of that helping them out despite not being terrible fits in the world of Eternia; I think people are more frustrated that their favorite character hasn't made it in yet while a character who seems like a vanity project manages to squeeze in.

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