Happy…Horde Prime? Snake Man-At-Arms? Metron? Griffin–? …Day!

Link to all-in-one sale page

Here’s the new stuff:

  •  Atrocitus
  • Horde Prime
  • Snake Man-At-Arms
  • Griffin
  • Metron (Club Infinite Earths exclusive)

…and then a bunch of reissues. Why do they even put Metron on the all-in-one sale page? Seems like they’re just taunting the non-subscribers.

Anyway, this may be the least excited I’ve been for a MOTUC month, particularly one with three new figures. Horde Prime has a neat design, but a.) I have no nostalgia for or much interest in the character, and b.) whenever I did think of Horde Prime, I thought of him as a Godzilla-sized dude, not human-sized.

And just a reminder – the PGPoA contest for the Amazing Spider-Man Spider-Man & Lizard set ends at 12pm ET today!

12 thoughts on “Happy…Horde Prime? Snake Man-At-Arms? Metron? Griffin–? …Day!”

  1. I think the lack of comments says it all. All the MOTUC figures come through the sub. I already have the (better imo) DCD Atrocitus, and the reissues are nothing spectacular.

  2. Got online at about 5 after and got through with no problems. No WSOD at all so I wasn't sure I was on the right site. Guess demand for these has really died down. I needed Atrocitus, an extra Horde Prime for custom fodder and a couple more Griffons because I'm armybuilding the critters.

  3. I'm used to this so no worries, but I may be the only collector actually jazzed about Snake MAA. I get that he's a FrankenMOTU, but better Mattel making custom cobbled together figures than me! At least they have the professional paints and skilled labor as painted and assembled by underpaid workers in Hong Kong. Anyway, not altogether a bumper crop month, but I'm very excited about all three MOTUC!

    1. I'm actually pleased about Snake Man At Arms too. I wish he had some Snake-themed weapons, but at least King Hiss has another servant now. The snake-guard and (my custom) Kamo Khan were getting lonely.

      1. Despite the lack of extra head, I quite like him as well – the Griffin is nice and Horde Prime I'll reserve judgement on until I see him. I still think this will be my last year of the sub, but these seem much more fun than I have had with some of the more recent figures

  4. Oh, digital river, you came through again to stupify with sheer ******* incompetence. Anyone missing that feeling, go and try to order anything right now. Any in stock item you click to order permanently changes to “processing your request” and takes you to an empty shopping cart. Reload any page to watch the magic happen again. And, click on any one item the main order page and they ALL change to “processing your request” and the screen just sits there. It’s been doing it since at least 4 PM.

  5. Is it just me, or was Horde Prime's armor's paint scheme patterned after the 60's batmobile? XD

  6. I had to get Snake Man-At-Arms after they made him essentially identical to my photoshop mockup of classiczed 200X MAA. Of course I would have liked to have a non-snakified head of some sort, but knowing Mattel, he's already much closer to what I hoped for than could realistically be expected.

    After having to get Stinkor at a huge markup from a reseller, it was certainly refreshing to be able to log in late and still be able to get what I wanted without any hassle. I bet thinks will get crazy again, come Stinkor day.

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