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  • That is pretty darn awesome. Face is a little gormless, but it’s better than nothing. Curious to see what a Skeletor looks like.

  • I'm going to guess:
    1. These are actually available in stores.
    2. I don't need a subscription to buy these.
    3. The shoulders are correct.
    4. The crotch will not explode.
    5. This company doesn't taunt its customers by ignoring "hyper anime detail."

    This thing is very cool, indeed!

  • Looks great love the face,he looks condescending like…"Why aren't you buying me right now,Matty got your peepee?"

  • Well, now I know what a stoned He-Man being interviewed by the police looks like…

    His head is balloon like, hands are HUGE and the colors, the colors are off man…

  • Give that thing a proper paint job, and I would say its all kinds of awesome.