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As I read through the reader responses, I got the impression people seemed to think I got a lot more complimentary samples than I did. So, here’s a rundown of everything I’ve ever reviewed that was provided to me for free (found via my awesome new review archive).

Probably the best samples I ever received were from a box of Special Forces and Emergency Forces 6″ figures from Plan-B Toys. Sadly, I just noticed I didn’t mention they were samples in my review of the SWAT Officer (the other figures were reviewed by other OAFE reviewers). I suspect that, in my youthful naiveté (this was seven or eight years ago), I wasn’t sure about the protocol and/or propriety of it. I don’t feel too bad about it because the toys were genuinely awesome (years later they proved to have some durability issues, but I wouldn’t have known that at the time anyway), but still: mea culpa.

Some of my Spy Monkey features weren’t proper “reviews” really, but here they are for completeness’s sake:

I also passed on a few of my review samples to Rustin Parr for guest reviews:

think that’s all of them, but this is all from memory so it’s possible I forgot something. Feel free to correct me if so.

2 thoughts on “Reviewing Samples > Poe’s Review Sample…Reviews”

  1. being honest about it now is still important, and thanks for doing this.

    man, those plan b figs… that takes me back. i wish i had snagged more of them at the time, cuz honestly, despite some durability issues, they made great weapons/accessories. i don't know how you flesh out a punisher arsenal any other way.

  2. I don't care if you list whether you got something as a sample or not–I trust you as a reviewer.

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