Club Eternia 2013: What Would It Take For You to Subscribe?

Tyrantisaurus Lomography

Tyrantisaurus Lomography by geekyvixen, on Flickr

In just a few days – this Friday at 3pm ET, to be exact – we’ll find out the first three to five figures in the 2013 Club Eternia subscription. (Assuming it doesn’t get leaked ahead of time…)

It seems to me that MOTUC’s status as one of the premiere toy lines has been fading, and I suspect 2013 may represent the lowest subscriber numbers yet. My question to you is: what would it take you to re-subscribe? What characters do you want to see? What characters don’t you want to see?


Ram-Man by alejandroml, on Flickr

For me, it’s simple: Ram Man and Tyrantisaurus. If I see both of those at SDCC, I’m subscribing, no question. Hell, if I see just Tyrantisaurus, I’ll subscribe. If I see just Ram Man, I’ll have to think about it – I’d rather pay $150 for Ram Man on eBay than buy a $600 subscription for a bunch of figures I won’t enjoy.

An Ice Armor He-Man bonus figure would make me think long and hard about subscribing, too, but I suspect we’ll get Flying Fists He-Man & Terror Claws Skeletor or New Adventures versions of both characters first.

If I don’t see any of those three, I’m currently leaning toward not subscribing. With Spikor and Mekaneck coming this year, nearly my entire “childhood nostalgia” collection is complete.

Speaking of Ram Man, here’s a second question: how would you feel if Ram Man were the 2013 incentive figure? I suspect many fans would be outraged, but I see three good reasons for Mattel to do it:

  • To justify the new tooling costs (which really can’t be shared with too many other characters);
  • To maintain or even boost subscriber numbers after last year’s decline;
  • To obviate the risk of never producing Ram Man if 2013 turns out to be the last year of Club Eternia.

So – what would you need to see to subscribe to the 2013 Club Eternia? Or are you all-in – or out – no matter what?

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  • Let's see, I'd not terrible regular figures like the kind I gladly avoided this year. Only one figure per month that I'd have to pay for. No super big figures that I don't want.

    For figures I'd really like, how about Rio Blast and the ninja guy.

  • uGH double post. Anyway, after I thought about it… I think I'd subscribe without question if there was a Bravestarr in the line.

  • I might Re-Subscribe regardless of the figures. I enjoy the line that much. Although, if there are similar issues with DR next year like there were this year I won't give them money in 2014. I agree that they need a WOW figure as the Bonus Sub Figure. I doubt it'll be Ram Man. But it would be awesome if it was

  • Honestly unless the sub figure is a bronze statue or clear spirit King Grayskull I won't be subscribing and most likely won't be picking up many figures on the day of. I have all the MOTU toys I had as a kid (aside from a Battle Ram) and I don't foresee enough cool new figures coming that will make me want to commit to the subscription. Even Ram-Man won't get me in the sub as I have no interest in him beyond custom fodder. There isn't anything coming in the sub the rest of this year beyond the Snake Men 2-pack that I have to have. Stinkor, Snout Spout and Slush Head are still sitting in the white mailers and Spikor will be joining them this month. If the line ends today I'm good with it so I have no incentive to re-up next year.

  • Good Question Poe. I am subscribing no matter what, I know If I dont DOS is going to kill me on they guys I do want, and there really hasn't been any "terrible" figures this year and there has been some greats like stinkor and fisto

    • I think I agree with Poe though — even paying secondary market prices for a handful of figures you DO want is a lot better than paying for the entire sub (including figures you care nothing for).

  • I will be getting 2 subscriptions again this year. MOTUC is really the only line I'm collecting and I'd like to collect the complete run. I think NA He-Man and Skeletor this year. Ram-Man would be cool. For me there are other figures I'd like to see. Tyrantisaurus would be totally badass!!!!

  • Still subscribing no matter what MOTUC is still the line to beat – despite some issues. still a lot of fun collecting this line. Really hoping to see the following on Friday – Snake Face, Octavia, Shokoti, Modulok,Oo-Lar and sexy Crita!

  • I'd go for a horde trooper – that might tip me over the edge – Shadow weaver did this year

  • This is the first year I am seriously on the fence of getting a subscription. Honestly, the Star Sisters NOT being a SDCC exclusive and being a HAVE to take soured it. To compound years of terrible QC & customer service, I am really sour with anything bearing a Mattel stamp. All of the other figures this year that were not Star Sisters, I enjoyed for the most part; even Snake Armor Man-at-arms, who IMO turned out really cool and is now my primary display option with the mustachio head. A lot of it will rest on what the first quarter and the incentive figure will be. The fact that the Mattel brass has said no more vehicles because they can't get through their heads that releasing the Wind Raider in both instances at the worse time of year for a collector line was a bad decision on THEIR part. And lets not forget, that it is the fans fault if an item does not sell out in 5 minutes. Okay, I need to step off my soup box and take a deep breath before I toss all of the Mattel items in my home on eBay.

  • I'm in no matter what, as this line has a death-grip on my attention. I just love the property and (most) of the stress is worth it when you get figures like Fisto. I'm in all the way, even to stuff like the Meteorbs if they decide that's something they want to do.

    That said, I think it's been long enough and Ram Man needs to be in the lineup for 2013. Mattel's reluctance to make him is understandable because of the new tooling involved but it's been long enough and people are losing interest. I really wouldn't care if he was the sub figure but that could cast a weird light on them producing the primary other use for at least some of that tooling: 200X Ram Man. I do think a lot of people would flip out (though to be honest, many are going to do so anyway) at being held hostage to buying a sub so they could have Ram Man but if that's what makes the most sense for Mattel from a business standpoint, than I wouldn't care if they did it that way.

    I don't know how many people cancelled their subs after Shadow Weaver (I suspect it was more than people would admit to) but as someone who's had to de-cancel their sub twice this year alone, because of Matty goofiness, I wish I had their sense of security towards getting only the figures I like. Right now, the worst move Mattel could make would be moving the sub bonus figure to the end of the year though I think that raises an issue about people sticking to their commitments more than it does of Mattel bullying customers.

    Either way, it really is about time that Ram Man gets released. While I'd love to see Mantenna, Two-Bad, Jitsu, Dragstor, Rio-Blast, and especially Modulok, Ram Man's the character everyone's waiting on. Even if they started doing specific 200X versions of the characters I don' t think it'd go over as well as showing of Ram Man would.

  • If Mattel know what they're doing I think they'd be wise to eschew the current quarter variants and go for a separate quarterly Filmation figures. We didn't see any Filmation figures at all this year, aside from Shadow Weaver. They need to get the big Filmation hitters out before the line comes to an end. Maybe do a Shakoti/Lord Masque two pack as well at some point. I think that would attract people to subscribe. They can release variants within the normal monthly slots as the idea of variants has kind of gone out the window with the stupid delays this year anyway.

  • While I'm still a few figures short of completing my "childhood nostalgia" collection, I can't imagine a lineup that would actually convince me to subscribe. And don't even get me started on my negative feelings towards Mattel.

    I'd be furious if Ram Man was the incentive figure. I think I'd probably just sell off my entire collection if Mattel tried that.

  • I plan on subscribing as long as the price increase isn't extreme (no more than $25 per figure) and there is a cutback on "Beasts" to compensate for the price increase and the fact that there are really only so many interesting beasts (more multi-packs would be ok by me). As someone who is a fan of all era of MOTU pretty equally, character selection usually isn't a problem for me unless we get needless variants (Snake Man-at-Arms) or uninspired new additions to the line.

    I really do want to see this Ram-Man roadblock crossed, however, so that we don't have to fear not getting him in the line (I really think Mattel likes to use him in their fearbased marketing.) At this point, everything after Ram-Man is just gravy. I'm still finding myself liking the majority of the figures (this year, the only complete miss to me so far have been SMAA- The Star Sisters and Spector weren't my favorites, but they have a bit of merit to them) and so many of the foigures have been incredibly good (Fisto, Photog, Khan, Shadow Weaver, TP He-Man, Horde Prime, Slush-Head, and Stinkor).

  • If they want to hold out on Ram-Man for a bit longer, it would be smart to at the very least show another character(From Filmation, maybe?) that uses a large new body style. With such a demanded character, I think we need that tease at the very least, kind of the way the Snake Men 2-Pack reveal induced some Rattlor excitement.

    Not that seeing a part of another figure indicates it's coming any time soon. Mekaneck debuting so soon after Stinkor was a surprise compared to some of the other waits we've had for figures whose parts were more or less done.

    I'm in for the sub regardless, with the hope that the "dramatic price increase" isn't too severe. And I hope subscribers continue to get a slight discount rather than this year's pricing which seemed more like an accident.

    It may be a good idea if the figures shown for 2013 seem more deluxe, with additional weapons and heads, just to give the impression that the increase price is going somewhere.

    Of course, the best way to get subscribers, I feel, would be to put a chunk of Build-a-Castle in the display case. The Voltron Lions seem to be selling well on the secondary market. The thrill/frustrating of having a collecting goal that adds up to something is a drug to modern collectors.

    If they wanted to be really difficult, they could pack the pieces to the flags/guns and other Grayskull accessories with figures. The resulting love/hate of such a large product would be nuts.

  • Not subscribing no matter what.

    I’ll pay whatever it takes for the sub exclusive on eBay and I can buy the rest DOS.

    I’ve wasted $120 on duplicate shipping costs this year because I can’t combine my sub with dos.

    I know I’ll be buying stuff not in the sub (JLU) so getting one is a waste of money.

  • Im renewing no matter what, I love the line that much, but with the price increase coming I will definitely be holding Mattel more accountable in terms of whatever fiascos they have in store for us. In 2013, I plan to have a subscription and far fewer Mattel QC and communication issues. If Mattel can’t deliver the latter, I’ll be rethinking the former in 2014.

  • Mattel could tell me that this next year would be nothing but Meteorbs, Twiggets, and Widgets (with a Songster sub-exclusive) and I’d be ALL IN again. I want EVERYTHING!!! This line is stellar. 🙂

  • I've never subbed, and in fact just sold off most of my cherry-picked collection to limit it to the Classicized versions of my few childhood MOTU. That said, Ram Man is the last one I need, and I will be super-pissed if he's the sub figure; I would resent Matty for making me break the bank to get him off the secondary market. I understand why Mattel would do it, but am also sure it would mean the end of the line as we know it.

    • Respectfully, why should they care? You've never subbed, you've gotten rid of the cherry picks and will only return for one last figure?

  • In order for me to subscribe, Mattel would need to offer a subscription for only the twelve (12) monthly figures. I'm not interested in four (4) so-called A-List variants and I'm not interested in four (4) Beast/Multi-packs.

    Further, the revealed figures at SDCC would need to include: Ram Man (as the subscription exclusive), Glimmer, Mantenna and Scorpia. Mattel would also need to confirm that at least four (4) of the monthly figures would be members of The Great Rebellion who appeared in the Filmation cartoon (e.g. Sea Hawk, Queen Angella, Castaspella, Netossa, Mermista, etc).

    As the above is not going to happen, I won't be subscribing.

  • In respect of the subscription exclusive. I would be greatly annoyed if Ram Man were the subscription exclusive, but I'd just get Mek-a-Nek in 2012 and pretty much consider my collection of vintage "masters" to be complete. Sure, I'd trawl Ebay for a "cheap" Ram Man, but I wouldn't subscribe to get Ram Man alone and I won't pay a ridiculous price for Rammy either.

    However, with Ram Man, I think Mattel would be wise to offer him as a subscription exclusive for 2013, but publicly announce that a variant will be released as an A-List variant in 2015 (or later in the line). There would be no guarantee that MOTUC will last that long, but at least it gives those cherry pickers in it for the long haul a chance to obtain a version of Ram Man eventually.

  • What would it take for me to subscribe? The possibility that I couldn't obtain any figure on the secondary market for a reasonable price. To me it's worth braving Matty days and paying more for somebody like Shadow Weaver rather than getting stuck with figures I don't want. I've come around on PoP, but I just can't stand the 200X stuff.

  • I’m all in: at least 2 subscriptions no matter what – and possibly a third one if I like the club exclusive figure enough to want to unwrap a second one (one will remain unopened). I’m just as excited about MotUC as I ever was. Bring it on! =D

  • The Star Sisters burned me out in one fell swoop. Add to the an increase in 4th tier stuff like Slush-head and a lot of the fun is gone for me. That said, I really like not having to deal with DOS.

    Resubscribing is contingent on (1) what the new figure price is, (2) a cool looking incentive (ex: no idea who shadow weaver is but she looks neat enough for me to have subbed) and (3) 75%+ of new reveals to be familiar or cool-looking figures. (Bonus #4 – whatever the mystery line is. If it's BttF or something else I'm all in for it may just be cheaper for me to resubscribe)

    I'm presently expecting not to subscribe.

  • Never bought a Sub!! Never regretted it!

    Not buying a Sub this year either! And if they use Rammy as the incentive, then I'm out altogether! ToyGuru promised he wouldn't do that… but he's been caught out before I guess!

  • great line , love it , but i have allready all my favorite character , and more , too many figures for me allready . so i will cherry pick maybe some figures here and there

  • I would never subscribe, but I prefer the Millennium versions of characters so the sub isn't aimed at me.

  • My Vote is :
    Two Bad, the 4h Battle Ram , General Rattlor and Tung Lashor., Shakoti

    Unless they REALLY rock the sculpt for Ram man…he s a non issue for me personally.

  • I'll make up my mind on Friday.

    I feel like we all saw this day coming. MOTUC has had an amazing run ( sorry to all you loyalists about prematurely using the past tense ) and Mattel has done a great job of spacing out the releases to ensure the longevity of the line, but like so many other fans, my well of nostalgia is running dry and there just aren't that many characters left to keep it flowing. So whoever Mattel is planning to reveal on Friday, they better make some darn good choices.

    Here's my wish list:

    Snake Face

  • GITD Mighty Spector!

    seriously though, Two bad! I had forgotten about him/them. Two Bad and a Horde Trooper.

  • I could name all manner of specific things I want to see happen, but they won’t, so what is the point? I will say that the club exclusive and the revealed line-up will have to be ****ING SPECTACULAR for me to re-up, and that is all there is to it.

      • …sigh. SInce you specifically asked…

        OK, I don't believe the line running through 2016 is in any way realistic at this point. So I need to see the core characters of MOTU (at this point, I suppose Ram-Man and…um…OK, Ram-Man) and POP finished up (Glimmer, Angela and Castaspella, at minimum). I need to see long-desired Filmation characters (Huntara, Shokoti and Masque, Madame Razz and Broom, Scorpia for me, thanks). I need to see the old female buck back, because this new thing they are doing just isn't working (and a cut waist is by no means worth the loss of upper thigh swivels). I need to see detailed paint apps return if we are going to be paying yet more – again.

        I need to see an honest-to-gawd new sculpt millenium Evil-Lyn.

        I need new He-Man heads, including but not limited to an Alcala version.

        I need Nietlich removed from his brand manager position and fresh blood brought onboard.

        If Huntara is the exclusive, I will sub and I will like it. I am man enough to admit that.

        So. Like I said, not gonna happen.

        • Oh, Two-Bad. Yes, of course, Two-Bad. And the rest of those Horde guys, like…Bug-Eye Four Legs and…Many Parts. You know who I mean. I don't have a lot of personal investment in them, as you can see, but they ought to be a part of the display.

          Oddly, that's exactly 12 characters (if Razz comes with Broom).

  • The opportunity to vote for the Fans’ Choice figure is enough to get me to re-subscribe.

    Having said that, I hope to see Madame Razz, Horde Troopers, Ram Man, Modulok, and Gwildor sooner rather than later.

  • I'm amazed by everyone who feels the line is almost done when there are still so many vintage figures left, plus everyone is now on the hook for PoP and Filmation. What I've always loved about MOTUC is the promise of seeing an entire vintage line completely recreated using today's figure standards. I say it all the time, but GI Joe is an empty promise, with every classic-styled figured there are three more that completely miss the mark. But MOTUC delivers nostalgia near monthly. This is awesome. I had my childhood figs filled out a long time ago, but the beauty of this line is that it gives me the chance to own a whole line of toys that I didn't get to have when I was a kid. It's an amazing thing.

  • I reeeeeeeeeeally doubt I’m re-upping my sub. It would take Two-Bad AND Ram-Man (and since both are almost all new-tooling, THAT ain’t likely) and at least three of the remaining four name Snake-Men.

  • I'm in for the duration. There aren't too many characters I can think of that I wouldn't want. In fact, the Star Sisters were the first figures that were "meh" to me. Like most people posting here I want figs of the characters I had as a kid for the nostalgia factor, but I also want the ones I DIDN'T have because they were that much cooler if you didn't own them but your friends did. When you went to their house and you got to play with a character you didn't have, it was badass…even if it was Gwildor. Bottom line: I want it all and I don't see my interest waning any time soon.

  • Never have never will. I like the line I have a He man and a Skeletor from the DcUc vs MotU 2 packs. But I'll never subscribe I feel subs (and to a lesser extent the internet) take a real and fun part of collecting away from the hobby …The Hunt . Plus a hundred other things, sight unseen, cost, cost plus shipping ect.

    No doubt it's a great line but now worth it (to me), I'm more inclined to start going after a complete collection on MotU 200x. I spent a ton of dough buying roughly 1/2 the figure a Greyskull and some vehicles for my then 7-8 year old hoping he had the geek gene with no real luck. He did not care and did not take care of. So, every now and then I'll step on 1/2 a Mekaneck or an armless Evil lyn and curse myself for not keeping those sweet figures for myself. The good news is my youngest (who inherited all the leftovers) is firmly geeky (sometime on random days he wears a 3 piece suit to school…idk why) and he reads dark avengers (he's 10). Annnywaaay nope not going to get me to join in, the price would have to be 20 with shipping or if they were at retail. I do get jealous every once in awhile over what you guys get but then I see a star sisters or slushhead and feel good about not feeding the matty machine.

    Good luck though I hope you get some good stuff this year.

    I'm more interested in what the outcome of Club infinite earths will be. I cannot see it going through but maybe. I mean are people besides pixel Dan happy with it. The new lines Batman and Dc unlimited are only going to suck away subscribers when they are announced at Comic-con. I know they didn't finish metal men….but who cares. There has been none of the WOW that MotU figures have. I predict no 2013 Club infinite earths but I'm no Nostradamus.

  • I'm subscribing regardless. I was in it for all of the figures since day one. No matter what era they are from–vintage, pre-filmation, 200X, POP, NA, Filmation, Jetlag–I'll happily take them all. Hopefully we'll see a great selection on Friday afternoon!

  • I don't think I'm going to reup the sub. I have Fisto and Buzz-Off and those were the two that I wanted from the start. Stridor would have me think about it, but in the end, I would just probably get him off eBay then to spend more money for figures I don't want. I'm already getting in the selling mode and I'm going to be putting up all the characters that I don't want anymore or ones that I haven't been interested enough to open.