12 thoughts on “Decapitated Stratos Sold Separately”

  1. not going to lie… this only makes me happier to get him as a figure, it even makes Stratos' death easier to handle

  2. Saw this on the org over the weekend. It has single handedly made me accepting of grayskull man. I love it personally, now i wish he came with a grayskull draw bridge weapon

  3. oh my god Grayskullman and Spector are going to team up it's going to be the best Brave and the Bold episode ever

  4. "Looks like someone had accident" – and that scream! excellent! all toy ads should be like this.

  5. "Oh SH–!" HAW!!! Castle Grayskullman just became the figure I am most looking forward to owning.

  6. Great this guy just gave Mattel an excuse for future quality issues…"no that wasn't a mistake its a decapitated strato veriant" ect…. 😉

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