SDCC Preview Night Post

It’s preview night at SDCC and the news is already starting to roll in!

UPDATE 11:49pm: Even more awesome Predator from NECA, including an unmuddied Dutch!

And – the game is officially over!

10pm: Our man inside, Rustin Parr, took a few great photos:

Here’s MOTUC Granamyr, due out later this year. Still forming my opinion on this – the sculpt is great, but I’m concerned he might be a bit too pre-posed in the sitting posture. Oh, and he’ll be $80.

There will also be a Great Unrest Weapons Pack which will include Keldor’s swords, Man-At-Arms big gun, and Draego-Man’s second sword, shield and whip (pic at ToyArk).

Rustin also sent in this pic from NECA:

Dutch from Predator! Fully articulated! Evidently we’ll have to wait for the non-muddy version, but whatever, I’m in for every figure from the original movie.

No, this is not a MOTUC Castle Grayskull – it’s a statue from Icon Heroes. I haven’t heard how large it is, but I don’t think it’s MOTUC-scaled.

In weirder but still awesome news, the toy company Super 7 somehow got the original molds to Kenner’s unproduced 1979 Alien 3 ¾” line and will be producing them. Amazing.

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  • The mini Grayskull appears to be in an Ikea Detolf, so that would make it ~ 6" tall. And as long as that Dutch isn't made of the brittle crap the Predator was I'm excited for him.

  • Granamyr is pretty much exactly what I thought he would be…and, I'm sorry, but *YAWN*.

    Weapons Pack looks good, though!

    • You sir, are on dust! ; P

      IMHO, Granamyr's head sculpt alone is worth the price of admission, nevermind that he clearly seems to be fully articulated. Well, much more than Tytus & Megator at least.

      Also, what's up with the British version of Horde Prime being kit-bashed onto a Spector buck, along with what looks like a brand new Trap-Jaw style Horde belt?

      That Dutch is pretty exciting as well, I just hope & pray that them there knees be poseable.

      • Never said it was a bad figure, just heavily implied that I have virtually no interest. 🙂

  • Granamyr is awesomely sculpted (no surprise) and has more POAs than I sincerely expected. Realistically I never intended on getting him because I barely have space for the standard MOTUC and the few beasts I have. All that have the room for him should be highly pleased barring any reduction in paint apps/articulation or the sudden urge to swap his legs to shoulders and vice versa to help him “pop” more.

    The weapons pack has a lot of goodies. As much as I’ve wanted Keldor to have his combining blades I’m honestly looking forward to amping Draego’s arsenal more.

    Muddy Dutch is cool buy I’ll wait it out for the non-muddy version. It’d be cool to see a Predator packed with a skinned body accessory to hang.

    The castle looks great, maybe a cool dio for Mini-Masters?

  • Saw the castle…closer to a foot tall. It makes the business card holder look tiny.

  • Oh god gravy! Granamyr looks great, but at the siame time he is what i expected, ill be getting him for sure, that castle is nice but i wont be getting it. As for the neca predator/aliens line… I dont have this kind of money neca! Why must u make awesome toys
    Of my two favorite movies!

  • Never thought we'd get to see a Dutch! Awesomesauce! That's a definite purchase and so is Hudson!

    Nice to see a weapons pak with new material in it. No idea what I'll do with the rest of the stuff in it though… guess I'll have to wait for It's All True's annual Weapons Pak review for ideas!

  • Anybody able to get read on Granamyr's size? He actually looks a little shorter than expected, at least seated, which is a good thing. It gives me some hope that I can display him.

  • Dutch had better come with a cigar. And man, if we don't get a Blaine…they've already got the chaingun mold…the one in T2 was the exact same prop (with some modifications).

  • Granamyr was between 12 and 18 inches…not.exactly sure…best I could estimate.

    • I'm thinking maybe 14" seated? Matty posted a photo of him next to Draego Man. I don't have him, so I don't know for certain, but figured he was 7"-8" at the highest point of his wings?

  • Did Scott post something about subscribers having first dibs on Granamyr or did I imagine it? He seemed to spend most of his time on his arse in the cartoon, so I think the pose is fair enough! $80 is steep, but I think this one will cost quite a bit to produce. I really like it, and hope I will have the funds and opportunity to get hold of one when it's offered.

  • NECA is hands down the best toy company around these days. They continue to amaze me. I want practically everything they showed at SDCC. I've been waiting forever for a Dutch and some Space Marines…the fact that we get Hicks and Hudson is awesome (great reveal, btw). Rambo, Clubber and Drago..Evil Dead, Friday the 13th….those TF2 figures…gaaahhh, my head's going to explode.

  • All cool stuff, but the thing I'm most excited about is that last item: 1979 Kenner Alien figures!?! Sweet!

  • The new Mattel sub is “Club Black Freighter” (Watchmen)

    The MOTUC create-a-character winner is “Castle Grayskullman” by Daniel Benedict