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S.H.MonsterArts Burning Godzilla
Due 11/12 for 7,140 yen (U.S. price to be determined)

This figure, based on the Big G’s appearance in Godzilla vs. Destroyah, features an entirely a mostly brand-new sculpt and translucent orange parts (corrected because a few small parts like the claws may be re-used).


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  • An ENTIRELY new sculpt? Huh. I'll give them credit for not just re-using old parts.

    • Actually I corrected it – a few small parts might be re-used, like the claws and arms and feet. But most of it is new (including the torso).

  • IIRC, the Burning Godzilla suit got so hot because of all the lights that the actor kept passing out… only he couldn't really fall over in the suit, he just sort of slumped. Also, the cable (connected through the tail) that kept those lights powered would often short out in water scenes, electrocuting him.

  • Kenpachiro Satsuma is a freaking legend. I hope Bandai sends him these figures. I don't think he'd be into them (given what little I know about him through interviews), but I imagine he could live like Xerxes selling them autographed on ebay.

    Which is what he deserves.

    • I'm glad I have it, if only because I'm officially a completist on this line. Which means there's a small part of me, the part that tries to be responsible about money (so we're talking a very small part here), that will be a little relieved if the 2013 MOTUC sub doesn't go through.

    • I don't have it yet, obviously, but it seems like an all-around better figure…which annoys me, because he's not a "regular" Godzilla. I want my "regular" Godzilla to be the best one, dammit.

  • the Japanese Bandai website is saying that he actually has different claws to the original Godzilla they did. Well one hand anyway… I think its the right.

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