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Toy Aisle Trolls is a feature highlighting acts of vandalism to in-store toy items. If you find a ruined package, a stolen figure, a swapped-out figure, or any other such acts, take a photo (cell phone photos are fine if they’re not blurry) and email them to

Submitted by: T16SkyHopp

Found this at my local TRU. The troll swapped out the red ninja and replaced it with an old Beachhead. I know that it seems like everyone is a ninja, but this is taking it a bit far. Correct one is on top, swapped is the bottom.

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  • I don’t know what’s worse, the trolling or the fact that customer service employees can’t be bothered to look at what is right in front of their faces.

  • That looks like the Beachhead from the other Retaliation 3-pack. Its a really solid figure so I don't know why they swapped it. But then logic doesn't apply to figure swappers.

  • saw one at target with all the weapons gone
    but all three figures still there almost took it up to customer service to see if I could get a discount on it

  • I know it's completely naughty, but I think I'd have been more happy if I'd come across that particular doctored pack.