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My Robot Nation is a website that lets you create your own robot. You pick the parts and colors, then the robot is produced and mailed straight to your door.

The robots come in five sizes with various degrees of cost:

2″ = $17.99
3″ = $24.99
4″ = $52.99
5″ = $99.99
6″ = $169.99

OI’m curious about the quality. This seems to be an example of the growing 3D printing movement among toys. I came across this site via the article “3D Printing: Are We Nearing the Tipping Point?” by Richard Gottlieb, whom I’ve interviewed on this site before. I know Poe Power Pal Joe Amaro has been working with 3D printing for some of his recent small projects, so it’ll be interesting to see where this technology goes, especially as the price comes down.

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  • From what I've heard and seen in pictures, the quality is fantastic. However, they are more like tiny statues than figures because the process doesn't allow for articulation.

  • Seems like a pretty cool idea! However, I tried to load the build your robot section of their site and it won't allow me to enter:(

  • This is really awesome. I can't stop playing around with the robot creator. I definitely want one.

  • 3d is great for things like robots tanks and vehicles, but might be lacking for organic subjects. The touch of a quality sculptor puts soul and character into a piece in a way that a scanner or CAD program is a few steps removed from.

    That said, these look great – perhaps they could move to a "Droid Factory" model next so you could create some action figures!