The Power-Con Secret Accessory

Apparently there’s going to be a secret Mattel-produced MOTUC accessory for the first 1,000 fans who register for Power-Con. No one knows what it is. Odds are it will be a repaint/color variant of an existing accessory, but there’s no guarantee it’s not something new (for example, Spector’s green whip). In any event, Fantastic Plastic Toys is offering the item for $18.50, the cost of a Power-Con ticket and shipping.

It’s worth noting that the text on the Power-Con page says that this accessory will be “first available” at Power-Con, which suggests it will eventually be available through some other means.


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  1. thomas

    I say it will be something we have already but repainted in a new color. Not sure why some fans are butt hurt about a tiny little fun exclusive.

  2. misterbigbo

    It's amazing how anyone got worked up over this when it's clear it'll be out for everyone else later. Early access is a great idea for a con exclusive, and cheers to Mattel for incentivizing the Con a little bit.

    The only thing that makes sense is Keldor's swords or Draego Man's shield. Matty asks the first 1000 off the line be sent in a box along with Sir Marketed A Lot, and the rest will come later in the weapons pak. Just my $0.02.

  3. dayraven

    i'm kind of hoping it's the techno-axe from the millenium he-man. i know, pipe dream, but hey, that's what pipe dreams are for.

    • Mario

      That would be a nice complement to the existing Techno Sword, & something that is not necessarily ESSENTIAL to most collector's, like say, myself.

  4. lococaca

    My moneys on the Keldor Swords. First at Power Con then in the accessory pack.

  5. Mysterious Stranger

    I was planning on going to the con anyway but just hadn't purchased my ticket yet. I went ahead and bought it today.

    Also, how is Fantastic Plastic getting Power-con tickets for $18.50 when the Saturday tickets are $25, Sunday are $15 and both days are $30?

  6. Kevin

    On Matty's fb page a customer asked why he was getting screwed by missing out on this accessory after buying a sub and not being able to attend the con.

    Matty responded that details would come out soon about how to get the accessory for non-attendees.

    So I wouldn't rush to buy it anywhere.

    • Mysterious Stranger

      Maybe because the item is a CONVENTION EXCLUSIVE and sub holders aren't entitled to it? I just don't get pissy fanboys that think they are entitled to everything that comes out regardless of how, where or why. Its people like that that make the rest of us look bad.

    • As I've discussed elsewhere, the problem is convention exclusives that are in some way unique or necessary. If the convention exclusive turns out to be a repainted weapon or something like that, then fine. If it were to be, say, a newly-sculpted Filmation-style Power Sword, or an alternate Roboto head, then that's a flying horse of a different color, wouldn't you agree?

      Mattel is a great example of this. In 2002, their SDCC exclusive was a Millennium He-Man painted in SDCC colors. This is absolutely perfect – it's not a new character, it's not even an iconic repaint, it's just a fun little option for fans at the convention and diehard completists. But in 2003, the exclusive was Keldor – a new character with some great accessories (the melting head) and a must-have for most collectors, not just diehard completists.

      I get what you're saying by fans appearing to think themselves "entitled" to stuff like this, but I think that a.) Mattel did it to themselves by making con exclusives that weren't just desirable but basically must-haves for all collectors, and b.) after what MOTUC collectors have had to go through, especially recently, making an accessory that most of them couldn't get would be a pretty crappy move.

      In any event, Mattel does seem to have learned this lesson for the most part (Gleekocalypse aside – honestly, I think that did more damage to the DCUC brand than Mattel realizes), since they offer most things on Mattycollector after the 'con. And in this particular case, we know the accessory will almost certainly be released in some other way.

    • thomas

      And it is then also funny because you have the inverse of situation this year. Vykron wasn't a HUGE hit and people were saying "it should have been ramman/modulok/eldor/etc" bascially saying that the SDCC slot was 'wasted' on some character they didn't want lol

    • Not to argue, but I can see why some fans would be upset. Mattel just spent the past few weeks telling us how we had to be completists and want everything and sign away on this sub regardless of what was in it, because that's how the line will keep going.

      Then a couple weeks later, they start offering new stuff that's not part of the sub and is hard/impossible to get.

      Granted, this looks like a situation where it's not going to be that hard to get and may even be something that's available later, but the whole idea of convincing folks that the sub is the end all be all and then turning around and releasing stuff in other places, is exactly why you get fans upset.

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