Sponsored Review > The Weaponeers of Monkaa (Spy Monkey Creations)

My association with Spy Monkey Creations goes back three years ago, when I first reviewed the Master Blade of the Empyrean and the Witching Axe of Ruination. Since those early efforts, Spy Monkey Creations has grown from a small outfit of three devoted fans making toys in a basement to a full-fledged independent toy operation with factory production overseas.

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BBTS has Clubber Lang, Batman, TF, LDD, Diamond, NECA, DVDs, Street Fighter & More

Poe’s Pick of the Week: Rocky 7″ Figure Action Figure Series 03

Finally, NECA brings us a brand-new Mr. T figure in the form of Clubber Lang. No word on a “street clothes” Clubber like JAKKS did, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw him soon. In the meantime, ask yourself: do I have the eye of the tiger, or am I a fool to be pitied? You can order these figures here. Continue reading “BBTS has Clubber Lang, Batman, TF, LDD, Diamond, NECA, DVDs, Street Fighter & More”

Quick Review > Joe Amaro’s Mystic Hammer

The Mystic Hammer is big – approximately the same size as the Hammer of Chalybeous. It’s also much, much easier to spell the name of.

The MOTUC collecting world seems to have come to a consensus: Tytus needs a better weapon. I suppose the “Body Snatcher” was neat enough in the 1980s, when it featured a rubbery piece inside the hammer that could actually wrap around figures; but the solid-plastic “Warrior Smasher” of the modern Tytus wasn’t quite as fun.

To rectify the situation, Spy Monkey Creations famously created the Hammer of Chalybeous, one of their most popular fan-made accessories (which also featured a super-rare PGPoA exclusive variant!) Fans continue to beg SMC to produce more of that accessory, but now that SMC has moved on to bigger and better things (as will be discussed on the site later this week), there was room for someone else to step in. Continue reading “Quick Review > Joe Amaro’s Mystic Hammer”

Show and Tell > An Amazing Find

There’s a mall near me that has one of the old-school little toy junk shops you used to find everywhere, but seem increasingly rare these days. I stop there every couple of weeks. It has an impressive assortment of action figures, from carded Playmates Dick Tracy toys to loose Kenner Ghostbusters and TMNT to a 12″ Mr. T. But recently I made a rather incredible discovery. Continue reading “Show and Tell > An Amazing Find”