Quick Question (Toy Hunter)

I only have so much time per week (as the recent dearth of posts indicates), but I am curious whether people would be interested in write-ups on the show Toy Hunter? Is this something I really should be watching?


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  • I would be down with write ups about the episodes. I enjoy the show for what it is worth….it has the feel of every other semi-scripted reality show, but it is still an enjoyable watch.

  • Enough folks are taking care of that, so I don’t think it’s something you should have to shoehorn in. Brian over at coolandcollected.com does a great job reviewing Toy Hunter and Collection Intervention. Aren’t y’all LoEB buddies? Just send your readers over there!

  • Yeah, I wouldn't worry about it. If you happen to catch it and see something you want to comment on, that's one thing. But don't feel the need to cover it here just because it's about toys.

  • Please dont. Anyone who’s tried to deal with him in person will tell you: don’t feed NJ’s toy troll. He’s infamous here for the way he buys (insulting lowballs, treats folks like they have no clue what they have) and sells (crazy markups for prototypes, in one instance not budging even $25 on a $4k+ piece hes had for years!)

    yeah this show is bad for our hobby much in the way Pawn Stars and American Pickers is for many others: it pulls every tom, dick, and harry out of the house to sell their collection, expecting hundreds over what its actually worth- making for awkward exchanges in person and high priced “never gonna sell” auctions. Or worse, flippers start zeroing in on specific stuff, buying up toys, and then collectors have to pay a markup to the flipper. We’ve seen this in recent years this exact thing happen in a big way with japanese collectibles (jumbo machinders) and original movie posters… and ask any antique glass collector or gasoline/metal advert sign collectors what they think of American Pickers and youll get a stream of curses. I can see this happening with G1 Transformers big time because of the show.

  • I watched most of the pilot and didn't find much to like about it. I don't think you need to worry about covering it.

  • I find both shows disturbing on many levels. Your blog is just fine not covering them.

  • i've watched a few eps, and i think the show suffers from planted toys (ring wraith) and crummy hosting. there's a lack of history, and what little there is tends to be less than totally accurate. so, i say "review it!" i think we're all used to complaining on the boards, and it would be nice to read your perspective on individual episodes instead of a bunch of jibberjabber from jerks like me.

  • I like the show enough to watch it. My simple point of view is that with all the crap that I'mnot gonna watch out there, its high-time that toys got some prime-time. I like Collector Interventiona bit more, but I'm enjoying these show while they are around. Both shows give some history and I think demonstarte why the toys and collectingthem are cool and exciting. Sure, not every fact is going to be correct and spot on (how many people watching aside from uber-nerds 🙂 are going to even care? – above all things, its entertainment first). If anything, I think there's room for more 'streamlined' toy shows – the current two are just the rough cuts of what may be coming down the road (fingers crossed).

  • I wouldn't mind a brief synopsis and maybe your thoughts on what they hilight. I've only seen one ep. Seems pretty similar to other reality shows of it's ilk, like American Pickers, Storage Wars, etc.