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There’s a mall near me that has one of the old-school little toy junk shops you used to find everywhere, but seem increasingly rare these days. I stop there every couple of weeks. It has an impressive assortment of action figures, from carded Playmates Dick Tracy toys to loose Kenner Ghostbusters and TMNT to a 12″ Mr. T. But recently I made a rather incredible discovery.

I know what you’re thinking: “What the hell is that piece of crap?” That piece of crap, ladies and gentlemen, is a carded member of the UnderWorld Warriors, an obscure knock-off toy line from the 1980s. They are well-chronicled in this article at Weirdo Toys.

Thrilled at my discovery, I quickly shot an email over to Justin at Weirdo Toys with the above pic:

But an hour ago, at a little toy/junk shop at my local mall, I acquired this for a mere $8.

What’s funny is that knowing what I did, $8 seemed like a good price, but if you had no idea what the thing was (and I doubt the owners did), any price over $1 would be highway robbery.

Anyway, for whatever reason I had assumed Justin already had carded examples of most of these figures. Turns out not! He didn’t even have one with an accessory.

While I had been under some vague impression it was pretty valuable, I realized this would only be the case if I found the exact right buyer — who, honestly, was probably Justin anyway. So while I would have liked to keep him, I knew it would mean much more to Justin to have it, so we arranged a deal.

Here’s the interesting thing. I hit up that junky toy shop pretty frequently, which means the owners somehow acquired this figure between visits, rather than it simply sitting out there since forming from the primeval runoff of Cthulhu’s bathtub. Where could this have come from? Who kept this thing in its card for nearly thirty years? I know only one thing: it was destined for Justin. Whether it comes to life and murders him in the night isn’t my business.


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