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PGPoA Power Pal Phil Reed has a new project up on Kickstarter – a book titled Transforming Collections. It’s already been funded, but you’ve still got several weeks to throw in some money yourself to get a copy.

But what’s it about, you ask?

Did you know there is a world of unofficial Transformers toys and accessories — including complete robots! — fans can use to expand and improve their collections? Since the launch of I have been drawn into this fascinating world, spending thousands of dollars to add these toys to my collection.

Yet many fans are unaware this world even exists.

Transforming Collections is your personal 24-page 7″x7″ saddle-stitched introduction to these unofficial toys. Filled with detailed high-resolution color photos, Transforming Collections takes what I have learned about this amazing world in the four years I have run and shares it with you in a handy format you’ll reach for again and again.

While not a collector, I’m fascinated by the third-party Transformers movement, and have previously (via contributor abuddah) published a basic introduction to it. But Phil’s book will no doubt be much more comprehensive, with lots of nice big pictures. If you’re at all interested in third-party Transformers, this is a must-buy, especially at the low buy-in prices. You can contribute to the project right here!

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