Monsters take over Pic of the Day!

Up Soon! Paul Kaiju Custom Hedorah

Up Soon! Paul Kaiju Custom Hedorah by geozilla

Ever wanted to get your toy photo on PGPoA’s Pic of the Day? Well, you could have done it ages ago by submitting to the Flickr group or emailing it to me directly.

But that’s not my point today – my point is that it’s Monster Month, and I want to fill it with monstrous pics. So if you submit a monster-themed pic to Pic of the Day, your odds of getting your pic posted are pretty high! (Unless I get completely inundated of course, but I’m not expecting that.) So send me those monster photos! Here are a few things I’m particularly interested in:

  • McFarlane Monsters
  • Movie Maniacs
  • SOTA Now Playing, Nightmares of Lovecraft
  • Anything kaiju (Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman, Power Rangers monsters, etc.)
  • Universal Monsters
  • Monster in My Pocket
  • Bootleg monster toys

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