New List Up at Topless Robot: 10 Greatest Giant Movie Monsters of All Time

I’ve got a new list up at TR:

The 10 Greatest Giant Movie Monsters of All Time

The nerds are arguing about it already, which honestly is at least half the point of these lists. Have at it!


Toy Aisle Trolls > Rodimus Crime


Interview > Monster Artist Extraordinaire Matt Frank


  1. Excellent list. I WANT to quibble with it, but ultimately it feels as fair as a list like this possibly can be, even the numbering. King Kong may have kicked off the giant monster special effects movie, and it may be the best movie on the list (it isn't as heavy handed as Gojira- as perfectly effective and beautiful as the rest of the film is, water-welling-up-in-the-eyes effective even, the moment where Dr. Serizawa's conscience is confronted with the children's choir I laughed very, very hard. Also, the effects are so very, very good in Kong), but Godzilla's nearly 30 films (depending on how you're counting them- I don't count GINO, and the new American version isn't anywhere near made yet) and lasting iconic status trumps Kong's 7 or so films and status that wanes and returns every few decades (usually when another adaptation is put into production).

    • Plus, Godzilla's awesome.

    • Well yes, that too.

      Gotta give Shusuke Kaneko credit. Without him (and the incredible crew that worked on the Heisei Gamera trilogy), Gamera'd be five good episodes of MST3K. Sure, I enjoy the old Gamera films, but they really don't hold a candle to Toho's Showa work. I watch Revenge of Iris habitually, grumbling to myself about how great it could have been if we got to at least finish out the cliffhanger at the end of the movie. Meanwhile, my copy of Gamera the Brave sits gathering dust, buried under resentment and broken dreams (based on the performance of that movie, Warner Brothers was going to make an American animated series for Gamera. Yeah, given the time between then and now I'm pretty sure that's not happening any day soon).

  2. Great list, but I think you know my opinion differs from yours on the top two. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I understand. I was totally biased on that number one selection, but I feel I was on solid ground in making the claim.

      Now, I'm getting the S.H. MonsterArts King Kong…are you? Also, I'm curious what you think of the 2005 film.

  3. Jack Static

    I read the article earlier today and it was very well done. I agree with most of the list, and as soon as i saw it i knew king kong and godzilla had to be 1 and 2, but i wasnt sure which you would put where. I also disagree with alot of the posts about king ghidorah and some others missing from the list. Does KG have any kind if real recognition outside of the fandom? I mean people may know the look but not the name where as the ones you listed people who may not be fans of the genre CAN recognize and name very easily.

    On a side note i need to track down that kim jong ill movie!

    • Pulgasari is terrible. Terrible. Just know that going in.

      As for King Ghidorah, he was on one of the earlier drafts of that list, but I decided two Godzilla-related monsters (and four Japanese monsters total) was already enough.

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