Odds ‘n Ends n’ Weekend Discussion Thread

That’s right – Odds ‘n Ends is back! I’ve just got too much stuff to write about and don’t want to spam your RSS reader with a slew of Sightings posts, so instead I present the return of O&E.

Also, because I eliminated the discussion board, I thought I’d try creating a “weekend discussion thread” and see if it appealed to anyone. So feel free to post about any (toy-related) topic you want in the comments below.

Anyway, on the odds and ends.

13 thoughts on “Odds ‘n Ends n’ Weekend Discussion Thread”

  1. I’ll chime in to suggest a flaw in your McFarlane list at Topless Robot: awesome as Cy-Gor is, he’s not even the best McFarlane gorilla; get Code Red. He will change your life.

    As for the angst, I go through the same thing, hence the lack of recent updates at Two Fisted Toy Talk. Well, the angst and the fact that I have no Internet at my house and I’m too broke to buy new toys to discuss…

    Anyway, my theory is that toy blogging turns us all into Milo from the Phantom Tollbooth; when I’m not toy blogging I think about how awesome it’d be to start a toy blog, but once I’ve done so I quickly grow weary.

    1. I own Code Red…I still like Cy-Gor II better. Better articulation, plus the interchangeable hand. And I've actually owned THREE Code Reds (maybe four?) over the years, and his shoulder cannon always breaks off.

      1. Crap, I hope mine doesn’t break.

        Also, please end each Friday with a catch-all weekend thread; I am frequently discouraged by the lack of weekend updates to my favorite blogs.

    2. 1) CyGor II is definitely Code Red's superior – my apologies

      2) Your Phantom Tollbooth connection is brilliant – that is exactly the same problem I have ALL THE TIME

  2. i watched mockingbird lane w/ the wife, and to be honest, i was bored to the point that i fell asleep during it. i just didn't care for it at all, watching portia de rossi and the fat kid from stand by me pretend to be post coital pretty much bowed me directly out of the story. it felt very much like taking everything that was fun and laughable about the original and instead trying and failing to make it angsty and "modern." i even was bored by eddie izard, whom i ordinarily tune into things just for… he was cute, but it all felt like the munsters ala tv buffy (and i know i'm about unravel my own geek DNA, but i HATED buffy the vampire slayer. i kind of feel like, if we had rioted, as a fanbase, when buffy kicked off, we wouldn't have twilight today)

    sorry man, but i definitely felt like good riddance to bad rubbish for mockingbird lane.

  3. I know, it makes me a bad geek doesn’t it?

    Either way, I personally don’t care if mocking gets picked up, I”m kinda inundated with quality geek viewing right now. Face off is almost over, making monsters has to be getting close for this season, Grimm is still a few eps to go, the wife is making me watch once upon a time with her, and of course, we’re just getting this season of the walking dead rolling and lastly, I’m preparing myself for a post-no reservations world… My platter overfloweth. And it goes without saying, I’ve got the last season of Spartacus coming in January, so again, my platter overfloweth.

    And I still haven’t made up my mind about arrow yet… But I’m watching it regardless. 🙂

  4. Love Odd's and End;s. Always catches me up on stuff i might have missed.

    FYI: Toys R' Us Expresses have opened up! So yea! Few I went to had a TON of stuff regular tru hasnt had in, but was also about 10% more expensive. (Pretty much using NYC Prices) They had Catwoman, Alfred, AND Rhas Al Guul from the dark knight rises line, HOWEVER at $22 a pop i wasnt gonna bite

  5. bog-nar looks fly, but not even in the ballpark of $100 fly. huge swing and miss, and a shame too, as both my kids found the character and look intriguing, but when we got to the price tag, even an 8 and 10 year old knew that he was a no sell.

  6. So the magic number for the Castle Grayskull preorder looks to be about 7,000 if that 3,654 number is accurate. That seems like a low number to me, especially for the price.

  7. Poe, I don’t consider it a failure at all. I read every single article and appreciated the weekend content. I just didn’t really have anything to say about it. I think it’s a great idea.

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