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Toy Aisle Trolls is a feature highlighting acts of vandalism to in-store toy items. If you find a ruined package, a stolen figure, a swapped-out figure, or any other such acts, take a photo (cell phone photos are fine if they’re not blurry) and email them to

Submitted by: Meister Shake

Notes: What the hell is that, you ask? Why, it’s Beat from the videogame Jet Set Radio, of course! Someone put a ten-year-old figure based on an obscure videogame (well, I’ve never heard of it, anyway) in this Green Lantern package. And of course, no one at the store noticed or cared. Side note: Doc Thomas would like it known that this videogame was banned in Australia for its glorification of graffiti.

Sponsor News > Mars Attacks, G2 Bruticus, Star Wars, Sideshow, Hobbit, Play Arts Kai

Poe’s Pick of the Week: Mars Attacks Martian Soldier by Mezco (IN STOCK!)

Poe’s Note: I plan to review this bad boy once I get him in my hot little hands. I’ve got a soft spot for Mars Attacks – a soft spot in my exposed brain, that is.
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S.H.MonsterArts is Determined to Put Me Into Bankruptcy

After The Return of Godzilla (a.k.a. Godzilla 1985), Godzilla vs. Biollante is my favorite Godzilla film of the Heisei era. The plot is arguably the highest-concept idea ever: a giant mutated radioactive dinosaur fights a giant mutated flower bio-engineered with cells from said giant mutated radioactive dinosaur. The film also has a great soundtrack and some of the best special effects, as well as my favorite Godzilla suit (“BioGoji”), of the Heisei era.

Anyway, Biollante is a character who’s only been done a few times, due to her massive size and complicated design. And yet, at this week’s Tamashii Event, we’ve got a prototypes of not just an S.H.MonsterArts Biollante, but an SHMA BioGoji. Given that Hedorah Ghidorah cost $120 and Destoroyah is estimated at $160, we’re probably getting into the $200-$250 range for Biollante.

One caveat: these are just prototypes. Tamashii has a history of showing off prototypes but never making them (e.g., Ultra-Act Baltan I and Kanegon, as well as SHMA Aggregate Destoroyah and Utsuno Ikusagami). So I have a request – if you’re on Facebook, please click here and “like” the above photo. Even if you don’t like Godzilla, do it for ol’ Poe. I’ll give you three Poe-written reviews (with at least one MOTUC) by next Wednesday if you do!

NECA’s AvP:Requiem Alien Warrior: Still the best 1/12th-Scale Alien figure?

Bear with me here. My favorite “Alien” design is the one from Aliens. That’s solely because it’s the first film of the series I was exposed to, it’s my favorite, and because it’s awesome.

Those who argue the more psychologically-creepy design from the first Alien is superior have a strong argument too, given its smoother, phallic-shaped head. Continue reading “NECA’s AvP:Requiem Alien Warrior: Still the best 1/12th-Scale Alien figure?”

Castle Grayskull Update

So here’s how it stands right now – the pre-orders for Castle Grayskull [pre-order here] are a bit under halfway there. Personally, I’m not going to panic, or even worry, until we’re into November, because I think a lot of people get paid at the end of the month. Let’s see where the meter is around the first week of November. If it’s still under, then you have my permission to panic.

For the record, I put in my pre-order days ago. No tormented back-and-forth on this one (even Dr. Mrs. Ghostal, by far the more financially responsible member of our duo, told me to just go for it – possibly because she didn’t want me freaking out and spending a small fortune on one at a bankruptcy-baiting mark-up on eBay). So I’ve done my part.

In Grayskull-related news, the irrepressible NoisyDvL5 of ItsAllTrue has created yet another new site, this one tracking all news and info about the Classics Grayskull, at I can only sit and admire his energy for this sort of thing.

Also, as they did with the 2013 subscription, the Four Horsemen have issued a personal appeal to fans to pre-order Grayskull:

One of the main things we’ve dreamed of doing since we very first pitched the idea o Masters of the Universe Classics to Mattel is to get the chance to re-create one of the most iconic playsets of all time, CASTLE GRAYSKULL! Well, the time has come, and we’ve got the chance to not only re-create Castle Grayskull so that it fits in with the level of detail and styling of Masters of the Universe Classics, but this thing’s gonna be HUUUUGE! Plus, we’re going to include all of the features and fun details of the original, and try squeeze in as much cool new stuff as we possibly can as well.

Here’s where you all come in. Unfortunately, this incredible playset isn’t going to be cheap to purchase and we understand that. But the price Mattel’s going to be selling it for is the only way we’re going to be able to make it and get it into the hands of Masters of the Universe fans. Mattel has to have a certain amount of pre-orders before they can even have us start building the thing. If they don’t meet the minimum number of pre-orders required to set this process in motion by the deadline, then Castle Grayskull for the MotU Classics line will never happen. It’s as simple as that.

And for those who missed it, here’s Scott Neitlich’s video showing the foam mock-up of the playset:

Interview > Brian-Man of Spy Monkey Creations, Part III

This is Part III of a multiple-part interview with Brian “Brian-Man” Stevenson of Spy Monkey Creations, conducted by PGPoA contributor VENENOR, about SMC’s brand-new toy line, the Weaponeers of Monkaa. You can read Part I here and Part II here. –PG

VENENOR: It’s great that fans of the Weaponeers are taking to the evolution of the Crystal Gohlem. At the end of the Prologue we saw that the revived Crystal Gohlem accompanied the Stranger back to his world. I’m looking forward for that tale and the story’s progression. I’m especially interested since it could lead to a much more evolved version where he ultimately becomes fully Gearo.

Now, can you give us an insider’s view on the development process starting with the concept stage leading up to final product?

BRIAN STEVENSON: The entire process took around 5 months. That’s from initial concepts to final product on the table at Power-Con. In the early days of Spy Monkey Creations we wanted to make figures. They were going to be 3¾” scale and similar to the JLU figures. We scrapped that idea because it was going to be too centered on customization. There really didn’t seem to be that many customizers out that could keep a line like that alive. From there the fantasy based weapons came about after demands from fans saw the early custom weapons we made for ourselves. Those did very well but as a company we just didn’t feel comfortable surviving by only producing swords and shields for He-Man figures. There are companies and groups out there, like ours, which fit into this mold as a third party company making stuff for other toylines. We just didn’t want to rely too heavily on another company and solely continue being third party because we wanted to build our own cohesive toyline. In order for us to really grow and become something that isn’t considered third party we decided to take our next step. Continue reading “Interview > Brian-Man of Spy Monkey Creations, Part III”