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Looks like Figure of the Day is closing down. No reason is given for why, but in a rather amusing gambit, they’re selling the domain name itself for $2500 (or best offer).

I ran a few contests sponsored by FOTD and always enjoyed them. They seemed like good guys to work with. I did receive some emails in the last couple of months expressing skepticism and suspicion, particularly when they were selling what they called a warehouse find of the first wave of DC Arkham Asylum figures for $300. I’m not sure what to think of that – is it really fair to criticize them for charging what the market will bear? I don’t think any retailer (not even TRU, especially lately) is under an obligation to sell items at their MSRP, especially years after they’ve been released. That said, I have no idea what the set was selling for on eBay…but I think FOTD sold out of it, which suggests they gauged the price right.

Anyway, FOTD offered many great deals and free shipping, and I got a few items off their site myself and, again, really enjoyed working with them on contests. Personally, I’m sad to see them go.

On a related note, is Thwipster ever coming back, like they promised? It’s been a while now. Might be worth looking into.

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  1. Yea I thought that final $180 Arkham Asylum Bane was a very odd way to go out for a site that’d provided with me with several deals

  2. It is sad to see them close down, but to be honest, their business model made it very difficult for themselves – basically, they had to hit people with what they wanted when their budget was open for it, which basically made them an impulse-buying site. You wouldn't look for a deal on something and find Figure of the Day, or be planning to pick something up and then go to them. They'd have to offer something you coincidentally wanted right when you wanted to afford it, and I'm sure that impacted potential sales.

  3. I purchased many items from FOTD over the past year or so and really enjoyed the site. Very sad to see them go. I didn't personally see the Arkham Asylum wave 1 set on there recently, but I usually found them to be quite reasonable in their prices, especially with free shipping included.

  4. I bought a few things from FOTD. They were all things I was planning on buying, but FOTD had slightly better prices than other sites, so I bought from them. And the free shipping was great, especially when I got my stuff just two days after I bought it (living in the same state helps).

    I'd also like to know Thwipster is coming back, but at this point I'm wondering IF they're coming back.

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