Happy Castle Grayskullman Day!

Look, I get people think this site is rife with negativity regarding MOTUC, at least in the comments. But the truth is I still love MOTU and MOTUC – I’m just not the obsessed person I was a couple years ago. This always happens with me – I go through fads. I’m in more of a Godzilla mood lately, but I’m sure MOTU (and/or Batman, or Hellboy, or whatever) will come back around at some point.

All of which is to say, Castle Grayskullman is pretty awesome and goes on sale today. What’s his appeal? I think it’s that he feels both brand-new and a perfect throwback to the days of MOTU yore.

Anyway, CGM is on sale today, along with Filmation King Randor (which I’m actually rather excited about – always wanted this as a kid), Dekker (whom, I must confess, is a bit of an afterthought for me), the Club Infinite Earths Uncle Sam and John Constantine, and Courtroom Peter Venkman and Ray Stanz.

All-in-one sale page is here. And as you face the White Screen of Doom, may the odds be ever in your favor!

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  • I'm really looking forward to Castle Grayskullman. Especially now that Castle Grayskull itself is going forward. I'll be getting a few extras of CGMan today to add as dio props in CG next year.

  • to me, it speaks volumes about the quality of the CGM design that so many fans are talking about snagging more than one (and i just did, even though i didn't talk about it much beforehand) and i didn't even do that w/ draego (though i know a few folks did). CGM, while i loathe the name, is just a spot-on concept that absolutely looks like it just stepped out of the vintage line. kudos to mr benedict for doing it right. (and by right, i mean passing on the purple jumpsuit and playing card motif)

  • Got in and out in under 3 minutes with a little WSOD between cart and billing but after that (and a mis-keyed CAPTCHA) this month was a lot less painful than last.

  • Hmm…Castle Grayskullman goes on sale soon after the Castle pre-order goes through?

    Coincidence or conspiracy?!

  • I was able to order right away, but got WSODed at billing for 5 minutes. Fortunately CGM & Ray still went through.

    Randor and Dekker are already on their way with my sub.

    First JLU 3-pack I didn’t get…already made a custom Beetle I like better back when they told us he’d never be made.

    Might have gotten Hellblazer or Uncle Sam if December wasn’t going to be so ridiculous.

  • Also found it ridiculous to get the sale reminder email a half hour after the sale started and after CGM sold out. Glad I remembered the sale.

  • Poe, did you bust out a Space Above and Beyond reference? Holy explative mcexplative. CGM is rad.

  • Nice quick sell-out for CGM…have any other figures sold out that quickly recently? (Maybe they all are…I haven't been keeping an eye on it as much.)

    • Rattlor and the DC All Stars sold out pretty fast, but nothing else I can recall recently.

  • He Rocks! I'd like the head without the hair as well, though – maybe the dome could have worked well. I wish I'd bought two now. As for the "unoriginal" complaints, I think it is well executed and has the spirit of the vintage line – you really could imagine it as part of the line up! He will look great next to Grayskull itself.
    Bubblor is a great concept – it would have been a worthy winner. If a customiser dosen't do a decent version of that, it would be a crying shame.

  • Too bad on CGM's quick sellout. I probably would have snagged one of him. He's grown on me.

    Instead I get two figures I don't want in my sub.


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