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As you may know, Rob Bricken, whom I feel honored to consider a friend, recently left Topless Robot to become a senior editor at io9. But before he left, I managed to sneak in this as one of my final(?) lists – one that’s very near and dear to my heart. It’s a list of the worst examples of Toy Aisle Trolls I’ve ever seen.

Ten Terrible Cases of Toy-Aisle Trolling

Be warned – this list contains more profanity as usual, as I tend to get my dander up when dealing with TAT, as you know. Yeah, I said dander.


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  • This never fails to amaze me in that people go to so much effort or, in the cases where they don't, nobody cares enough at the store to do anything about it.
    You just don't see this in the UK, whether that's because we don't get such a wide selection of toys at our big supermarkets (I'd have a seizure if I saw a DCUC figure on the shelf at Tescos) or people just don't go in for it, I don't know, but it always kind of shocks me a bit.

  • I saw the list first thing this morning at TR, was nice to see something with humor back up there. That site has hit the shitter since Rob left it. Loved the list though.

  • Robless Topot is dead… The list was fun, but that's the only article I liked from the recent wave of articles from Copy N. Paste!
    At least I have an official TR Shirt from the Bricken Era

  • My stars and bars! Poe used the "D" word! In print, no less! I'm shocked. SHOCKED. *clutches pearls* ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hope you applied for the jkob to take over TR, Poe. You're a fool if you didn't.

    • I certainly considered it, but it would be a bit of a pay cut from what I understand. I wouldn't mind being the back-up guy if Chris Cummins took over or something…

      • While understand not wanting to take any kind of pay cut right now, but it would have been a fairly high-profile step up for the writing career. Fortune favors the daring. Look what Rob got out of it.