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–I’m going to stop posting these as lists, because I want a little more room to work, add some images and whatnot. –Mattel will be having another of their Black Friday sales. This one actually begins today at 12pm ET and will continue for six days, ending next Tuesday at noon ET. There will be savings […]

Welcome to the DASH Hot Toys Luke Skywalker Giveaway (it’s not a trap)

It’s time for the latest contest from Collector-ActionFigures.com, and we couldn’t be more excited about this one. When it comes to action figures, Hot Toys makes the best in the world, and they’ve finally started on Star Wars with the Luke Skywalker (Bespin Outfit) figure. And we’re giving it away. You could win this $300 prize, which includes two […]

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This weekend, I hung out with JoshB of CollectionDX, Jester Goblin of…JesterGoblin, and PGPoA lurker and rarely-commenter Sped (PGPoA contributor PrfkTear totally bailed on us). A good time was had by all, as was some minimal trading, though that was all rather amusing because we all had a pile of junk we wanted to unload and […]