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  • I love this series of action figures!

    I really wish McFarlane had made a figure of Christina Ricci's character as well. Still have these all on display. Such wonderful sculpts and accessories!!

    • It is one of my favorite McFarlane movie lines. I really loved this movie, too, though I seem to be in the minority in that regard.

      • The figures are great (with the exception of the Horseman's rotting legs action feature), but the movie is an all-time fave. Say what you will about the men, Burton and Depp were firing on all cylinders when they made Sleepy Hollow, Ricci was amazing, and all those great old British character actors made me feel like I was watching a Hammer film directed by Mario Bava (that is a good thing, for those who don't). Brilliant, beautiful film, and somehow Miranda Richardson ran away with the whole thing in the last few minutes…