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  • Where is that ruined subwaycar dio from? From the molding, it looks like a cheapo modern set, or some smaller part of a larger vintge set. Did some searching to see if vintage TNMT sets had this part, but didnt see any. Can someone let me know what his is? It's awesome looking. 🙂

  • The funny thing about the New TMNT toys is how well they work with the 2k3 AND 80s stuff… I only have Mike and Leo and they look nice fighting my Vintage Rocksteady and Bebop!

    • Heh, know what you mean. I personally grabbed a 2K3 Casey Jones to go with my Turtles- because as a kid raised on the live-action movies and 2K3 as much as the 80's toon, it's just not complete without a little "GOONGALA!".