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The Eleventh

The Eleventh by fengschwing

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Who is Doc Thomas? He is a lifelong toy collector and member of the international (i.e., non-U.S.) collector community. He enjoys making short films, non sequiturs, and dressing up in a bear suit at work.

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  • not that i don't appreciate the pics, but is poe planning on actually writing anything before february? miss that dude…

    that said, this is an unbelievably accurate execution on smith's doctor. hot damn!

    • He's lovely isn't he? I just pre-ordered the 50th Anniversary Edition of the Tenth Doctor, that one is shaping up to be immense too…

    • Consider me on a temporary leave of absence. I'm trying to find the time/energy to get back into it, but I've had a lot of non-blog stuff to deal with lately.

  • That's a really good sculpt! For a moment there I didn't think I was looking at a figure…