The Ten Most Bizarre McFarlane Figures of All Time


Had a lot going on lately behind the scenes, but believe it or not I will be slowly getting back into the swing of things – particularly because, for the first time in two years, I will be going to Toy Fair next month.

In the meantime, in case you missed it last week, Topless Robot posted another list of mine:

The Ten Most Bizarre McFarlane Figures of All Time

This list reminded me how frigging bizarre some of McFarlane’s stuff was. The Tormentor especially – what was the thought process there? What was with Todd’s “one giant boot” fetish? That kind of creeps me out.

9 thoughts on “The Ten Most Bizarre McFarlane Figures of All Time”

  1. ah, the "one giant boo" fetish… i don't get it either, but it was a unique form of branding… no one else was doing it at the time. great list there, mcf really did crank out some odd characters/figures

    1. This could be apocryphal, but the reason I remember for the mismatched boots was "sculptor boredom." Like they would do one, then decide it would be more interesting, striking, or just fun to do a different boot. That may or may not be true, though.

  2. I am shocked that I don't actually own anything on that list.

    My first inclination to customize was in my strong desire to dremel the giant boot off of Angela and try to give her two normal looking feet. Sadly, I never went for it. I could have probably melted down the shavings and cast a whole new figure.

  3. Wait a minute!

    Okay, I try not to be one of those "your list is wrong!" guys, but how did you pass up Gemini from the McFarlane Zodiac line? It's a giant fleshy sausage with a sarlacc mouth! Clearly, that's at least as bizarre as a robot ostrich with a giant lower jaw.

    1. the second version is a really nice figure – it could be almost a seventh kingdom guy gone to seed a bit.

  4. If you want to know what it's like to own a McFarlane toy, imagine one giant boot stamping on a human face – forever. I'm just thankful that Iron Express didn't somehow lead to him getting the Zoids licence.

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