Identify the Toy(s)

Doc Thomas here. I’ve got a bunch of toys I need identified and I’m far too busy dismembering victims to prevent them from being identified, so here’s the deal: send an email to Poe naming as many of these figures as you can. The person to identify the most will win a Poe Prize. Deadline is […]

Sponsor News > Poe’s Pick of the Week & Other Cool New Stuff

Poe’s Pick of the Week: Batman 1989 – Michael Keaton – 1/4 Scale Figure   Mattel may be dragging its feet on giving us a 6″ Keaton Batman, but if you like your Batmans nice and big – 18″ big – NECA’s got you covered. Seriously, how beautiful is that figure? I don’t usually collect the […]

Sightings > Interview with Wayne Barlowe has an interview up with Wayne Barlowe, the artist and creator of Barlowe’s Guide to Extraterrestrials who also helped Revell develop the Power Lords toyline in the 1980s. It’s a great article with an amazing artist, and well worth the read. PLR EXCLUSIVE: Wayne Barlowe Interviewed About His Art, Toys & Creating The Power […]

Are Manglors coming back?

We already know two 1980s cult classic action figure properties, Power Lords and Robo Force, will be back in 2013. Could Manglors be on their way as well? A few weeks back, I received an email from “King Manglor” with the subject line “THE SECRET OF THE MANG-LAVA MUST BE KEPT” and this in the […]