Are Manglors coming back?


We already know two 1980s cult classic action figure properties, Power Lords and Robo Force, will be back in 2013. Could Manglors be on their way as well?

A few weeks back, I received an email from “King Manglor” with the subject line “THE SECRET OF THE MANG-LAVA MUST BE KEPT” and this in the body text:


Today, I received another email with the subject “THE PREPARATION HAS BEGUN”:


The link is to a teaser pic of what could be volcanic rock, one of Godzilla’s scales, or maybe the wall of a leaky basement in a house with hard water.

As for what’s going on here, your guess is as good as mine – assuming your guess is “someone is trying to bring back Manglors.”



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  • So, will they replace "the toys you are encouraged to break" with "Now Glyos-Compatible!"

  • I have distinct memories of ripping my Manglors to pieces and them never quite going back together properly, and of my Dad promptly pouring the "lava" from the Manglor volcano down the sewer lest it end up on the living room carpet. But hell, I'd like to see them back.

    But back up a second, what's this about new Robo Force?????????

      • Now Glyos is making me grumpy. I'd like to see Robo Force come back as the big, chunky robots they were, not yet another tiny Glyos-compatible line.

        • Kevin, if you point me to an investor with a million bucks to reproduce the original Robo Force, I’d be glad to discuss it with him.
          There’s no way for an independent company to affordably recreate the originals exactly as they were.

        • I hear ya; I should be giving these a proper chance, anyway. Guess I overreacted because everyone is so keen on Glyos and they leave me cold. But I do look forward to seeing pix of the new Robo Force when they're available

  • Manglors are potentially the worst ideas for a toy out there. Sure, in THEORY, toys that you couldn't break were interesting, but in practice?

    "Tear them apart, and be amazed at how they're broken! Oops."

  • Some kid brought a Manglor to school when I was in first grade. I giddily snatched it from him and tore off a limb… and felt terrible when it wouldn't reattach properly.

  • I’d rather they just frickin’ say “hey, Manglors are coming back guys” instead of them being cute and sending out cryptic emails. For all you know, this could just be some crackpot in his basement with tin foil on his head sending out a mass email. I mean, probably not, but still…

    • The e-mails make me think it will be the Four Horsemen since the approach is so similar to the Power Lords teases last year. Either that, or it is someone who read those teases and decided to follow the same basic idea.

      • god i hope not, the boys have a full platter as it stands… and honestly, i for one am not overly psyched about the execution of the power lords PR… and this doesn't do much to interest me in manglors either. they need to keep focused between the OSM and power lords, and the two in-house properties that they still dangle in front of us from time to time.

        the property is an interesting rehash, i liked the promise of the concept a lot better than the execution of the classic monglors, so there's definitely room for improvement… but that said, i can't imagine how you grow interest in this property beyond the 10 collectors who enjoyed the property, or even the 150 who remember it. this is just a wet fart in a paper bag idea, so to be honest, i find it kind of inconcievable that the effort/cost is worthwhile to the reward.

        • I feel that Manglors would have to be promoted successfully to a new generation of kids and would have to have some kind of cool new feature about it. I don't see how just relying on nostalgia for characters from a lesser '80s toy property would be enough. Now granted, Glyos IS a way to recreate the whole "pulling off parts of your toy" thing. 🙂

        • not saying this to be snarky or rude, but how many kids do you see buying glyos figs? there aren't any. glyos SHOULD be a cool and kid-accessible build style, and manglors SHOULD fit conceptually in with that build style, so the theory is sound, but near as i've heard, there's no traction at all in getting kids those toys, and hence, no reason to suspect that kids will lay hands on a manglor or power lord built in the same style.

          the thing that kills me is, why aren't these in the little toy vending machines we see outside of walmarts of grocery stores? the kids are still buying mini necklaces and gumballs, and super bouncy balls, and stupid "urbin kidz" crap, why couldn't you pop in random assortments of like 4 or 5 gylos pieces into a bubble? make that 50 cents. fire up an ad campaign on coolmathforkids or coolifiedgames, that are LOADED in ads, but don't generally feature toys, then fire up a blog forum like october toys, but PG only pics, for kids to upload photos of their own custom builds? seems easy, right, and fairly cheap, but that's not a goal for anyone, near as i can tell. they're content charging 30 year olds a ten spot per "colorway," cuz we're dumb and we'll spend it, 300 bucks at a time EVERY… SINGLE…DROP. 😉 know why? we're susceptible to hipster jargon like "colorway" that's why. it's a palette swap, no more sophisticated in execution than the "diamond cut poly-dodecafold hologram 3D infraink color" comic covers we paid a small fortune for in the 90's that are now about as valuable as walter mondale bumper stickers.

        • So your problem is tiny independent toy companies aren't Hasbro or Mattel?

        • No, I see your point: Glyos and the Manglors make complete sense together, but overall don't seem to be hitting the youth market. (which takes marketing dollars and relationships with stores that are beyond a small toy company, I imagine) So I guess the line is dependent on adult collectors, who may or may not remember or care about the Manglors. But again, the concepts do work together, so maybe the nostalgia wouldn't matter. Of course, a company could just make a line of dinosaurs and other monsters that are LIKE Manglors using the Glyos system and not call them that.

          I have to admit, though, that any nostalgic desire I have for Manglors is more about the gimmick than the characters. I want a minty new Manglor that I can stretch and rip apart to my heart's desire like I did when I was 7. Solid versions of the characters just make me shrug.

        • The eventual book about the history of Glyos is going to make you explode like a head from SCANNERS.

  • Manglors certainly looked cool( I had Manglord and Manglor Mountain) but they didn't work at all. You could not put the limbs back on. The gimmick was a rip off.

    • is it sad that i'm way more interested in a new manglor mountain than any of the actual manglors?

    • Glyos toys in general don't interest me, but I understand why people like them. I do have that weird feeling (and irritation) that occurs when you don't care much for something and yet everyone else is constantly raving about it. The mix-and-match nature of the toys, their size and the designs just leave me cold.

      My only real frustration, though, is that Glyos seems to be the new go-to system for re-creating older properties – which inevitably leads to fairly tiny figures. But as Doc Kent pointed out above, Glyos might be one of the only financially viable ways for bringing those toys back at all.

      • Hinged joints, traditional swivel joints, and pretty much everything we see in a standard 3.75-inch, 6-inch, or even 12-inch scale action figure requires a lot of separate plastic parts. And very expensive steel molds.

        The Glyos System joints, using a pressure fit and taking advantage of the PVC's nature and the durometer of the plastic, allows for far less expensive tooling/setup costs.

        • I think when the Horsemen kickstarter the Ravens, people will finally have a piece of the answer to why independents are doing smaller figures in Glyos-style.

  • Okay, I made a joke about making it Glyos-Compatible… you know that it's not news or confirmed or anything besides a joke rumor, right?

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