Mattycollector in March: No Fang Man for non-subbers, Strobo for subscribers


Some interesting news from Mattycollector. Next month, there will be no day-of allotment of Fang Man for non-subscribers to pick up – effectively making him as rare as Wun-Dar, Shadow Weaver and King He-Man.

Meanwhile, the convention exclusive, Strobo, will be available to subscribers via Early Access. I think that’s great – an excellent perk for subscribers, even if the only real perk is getting the figure early (since plenty of ToD Sorceresses were available on Mattycollector in December).

The Fang Man thing I’m not so sure about. As a subscriber I’m not concerned for myself, but some non-subscribers are, understandably, upset. And yet, anyone who didn’t subscribe – working off the assumption that they would be able to pick up any figure they wanted with the day-of sales merchandise – had to have known they were taking a rather large chance. Even when the figures are sold day-of, nowadays the numbers of those day-of figures are relatively small and fast sell-outs are always a possibility.

I suspect this could be a bigger deal than it appears at first because of how many fans didn’t subscribe for 2013 as compared to previous years, and how many have switched to cherrypicking. Mattel notes on the page, “When the subscriptions went on sale last year, we mentioned that some figures would not be sold on the day of the monthly sale, and that’s the case with Fang Man.” Why Fang Man? I can only hazard a guess – maybe it has something to do with how the Filmation rights were worked out with Classic Media. Perhaps, for some reason, Filmation-based figures can only be sold to subscribers and can’t be put up for retail.

Anyway…the Strobo thing is cool. Not sure yet if I’ll even get one, but that’s a nice perk. Do we know which accessories he’ll actually come with yet? The gun, the meteorite, the pedestal, and/or the helmet-less Zodak head?

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  • At least it’s a new controversy and not the same stale malarkey again. Watch people’s heads explode next November when the Black Friday remaining CS stock goes on sale and Fang Man shows up. It’ll be awesome.

  • Strobo comes with the meteor, pedestal, and Zodak head. The gun didn’t cost out but most people are expecting it in the next weapons pack (especially now that Rattlors armor is confirmed for it.)

  • Personally anyone who chose to Cherry pick (As was and is their right to do) knowing that some figures might not be available day of sale shouldn't complain. Mattel said this might happen and now it's happening. Are we going to relive the "Let MOTUC DIE!" arguments again? If I had chosen to Cherry pick I'd bitch to myself but I'd know it was my own damn fault. AND we know there'll be overstock come Black Friday and Fang Man will probably be included. So they chose to wait and see what would happen and now they can wait until Black Friday and see if they can get him then.

  • I think the reason Mattel is not putting Fang Man up for sale (subscribers only) is because they're pushing the Filmation subscription. They know there is an audience for it and want to make sure that no one thinks they're just going to be able to pick those Filmation cherries. (I now have both subs, so I'm good!)

    • I think you're probably right. It seems awfully convenient that the first figure to have no DOS stock is an obscure Filmation character and happens just after they announce a new subscription.

  • Dividing the already dwindling fanbase is not a great idea. I seriously hope that Mattel considers a Bare Bones Sub (12 Figures + Exclusive) for 2014 as an option… Not all Cherry Pickers are pickers just to spite Mattel and TG… Many International fans were FORCED to become pickers with the dramatic price increase, shipping increase and that's without adding the Taxes, custom charges etc. That's without mentioning the 3 pack (regardless of the characters on it; the 3pack breaks international wallets)

    A Lighter sub may bring those pickers into the sub game…

  • I think it is good in so far as I am glad mattel is making good on their word, and as a subber I have no concern about getting this figure. It's bad for the people who have financial issues and the international buyers who got priced out, but unfortunately money is the name of the game with collecting. I would love to get in to model train collecting but if you saw the prices involved in THAT you would crap yourself if you thought MoTUC is costly, it's not something I am upset over, its just the nature of the beast, people I do not feel sorry for? The cherry pickers whose whole attitude is F Mattel, I only want 2 figures a year. This should not come as a surprise to anyone, at all. It was told to us last year that this would happen, they gambled, they lost

      • i hate to sound like an ass, but I just can’t feel bad. For example, i collect sh monsterarts godzilla figures. Wasnt able to get the japanese web exclusive upgrade for mecha godzilla, am i disappointed? Yes but I am not going to condemn the line over it
        I have played every single legend of zelda game and own most of the toys made for the games, but couldnt get figma link at a reasonable price, am i going to condemn future figma figures or nintendo? Nope. I would love to get big boa from the gi joe club sub, but want none of the other figures, do i refuse to buy anymore joes? Not at all , the lack of my owning these figures is a direct result of own actions. I had the initial $$ to purchase them all, so should i stomp my feet and complain and demand i be able to buy these at my convenience for the initial price? No, thatd be ridiculous and also exactly how alot of cherry pickers are acting. How dare mattel make good on their word! Again, for the most part, cherry pickers made this decision on their own, expecting enough dos stock on what they wanted, they called mattels bluff and it backfired. I just cant feel bad about that

        • Are there really that many cherry pickers actually complaining? I'm mocking the attitude I'm seeing from subscribers, but I really couldn't care less that an obscure character Matty forced people to buy won't be available DOS. They knew subscriber numbers far enough ahead to know exactly how many to make, so this is nothing but a transparent attempt to scare people into the Filmation sub with a character that would barely have sold over the subscriber number. They've made it pretty clear how they do business, so I wouldn't expect any more from them.

        • There is enough of an out lash about it, but I am sure it is just the vocal minority blowing it up out of proportion, but there are indeed cherry pickers saying that this is the end for them, and they are finally done with the line, and to that I just can't feel bad.

          The thing that I find most humorous is the fact that on Facebook there was enough criticism of fang man himself not being worth $25 that Scott actually asked the fans about how they'd feel about removing deco/accessories/packaging to lower the cost of figures. Is fang man being limited to subs only a ploy to sell some filmation subs? I dont know, I am sure that is part of it, but I feel there is more to it then people are thinking, remember, a big part of scott selling the subs last year comprised of him telling people if they don't like a certain figure, to resell it, and now scott has even more ammunition when selling subs for 2014 by saying "See!! Those figures you didn't want as a sub buyer sure were easy to unload to the general public on ebay!" I wouldnt be surprised if FFM are also limited only to sub buyers, while the filmation sub figures (being as they are out of the main sub) are easily available day of. A figure that a lot of people DIDN'T want, is now in high demand because not everyone can get him. I think that may be ironic.

    • I get tired of the folks who have this massive chip on their shoulder and have garnered this righteous indignation about what lines they collect, and they're certainly always the first to step forward and scream and shout AND TYPE IN ALL CAPITALS BECAUSE IT HELPS GET YOUR POINT ACROSS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EXCLAMATIONPOINT!!!!!!!!!!!!! But those are the folks who I ignore. But what I'm getting at is I don't feel bad for those folks. It is too bad that the average Joe who maybe only wants a few figs here & there can't just pop in and nab one for him or herself.

      • Agreed, but unfortunately, I just don't believe that that many average Joes peruse the site & acquire the merch, because if they did, Mattel would be all over that green. At this point, the camps are established, & they know the fiscal math… Just hard to fathom that "fans" can STILL get up in arms about this stuff. Boggles the mind.

  • I subbed this year because I knew I wanted a Ram Man, Jitsu, and Fang Man, and I’ll be in Europe for most of the year, and didnt want to miss anything. Fang Man is what I think many would consider the first real Filmation figure in the line. Since he has so many new parts, I think there was probably a production error and this is a convient way to both hide another QC issue and push that Filmation sub. It also helps that a lot of non filmation folks hated this one and were worried about selling their unwanted sub figures so I guess that wont be a problem.

    Non sub folks will have to pay a little more, and it will suck to pay the $20-30 secondary nerdtax. But really, i can’t think of a single toyline that doesnt have at least one expensive figure that is hard to get. Fang Man will be one of those for MOTUC. It’ll be one to hunt down. That is why its called “collecting” and not just flat out “buying”!

  • As a cherry-picker myself, I personally don't desire Fang Man. However, it is pretty ridiculous for Mattel not to capitalize on cherry-picker money on a very popular Filmation character. There will ALWAYS be cherry-pickers ready to drop money on each figure on day of sale, just not all cp's will pay for all figures. I've never understood this whole Mattel practice over the last 2 years; it's basic business to produce a slight over-stock for those that you know will show up on day of sale. Why push away potential customers that would pay at least $35 per figure. And yes, most of you are probably right in that it will show up on Black Friday (maybe).

    • i understand the attitude from Matty… i don’t like it, and its not right from a moral perspective, but i understand it.

      The sub turned from a convenient way for folks to not miss out on figures, into this forced buy-in cult for some people- which allows TG to keep his position no matter how many mess ups occur. and the crew there started putting out the idea that if you aren’t subbed in then you aren’t a “real fan” and have no say. TG and the rest got/still are a greedy, dishonest bunch.

      I think that type of attitude and talk, the “sub or not a real fan” stuff, it represents everything He-Man is not… Spoiled rich fans basically running their big motuhs and waving their money like five year olds.

      Some people can’t afford the sub. Some people think its morally wrong to sub (it encouraged Matty to continue to mess up without reprocussions) and others just want one or two here and there. Why do some people feel the need to put down those fans, and berate them? Its the nature of NuNerd culture, over at the org (false freedom / say one thing, do another) and in the fandom in general. Anyone who disagrees with the consensus or the top ten posters is not a real fan, and has no value or say. They even enforced that with the Greyskull sub polls…

      i subbed for my own collecting convenience, not to be part of some cult, and i’ll sell off what i dont want, but to not understand that not everyone thinks the sub is a good idea, and to actively put down others of lesser means as “cherry pickers” or “not real fans” is some elitism jackass talk that is against everything He-Man stood for- and makes THEM the false fans. You can’t put down those poorer than you like that AND call yourself a true fan, because you’ve completely missed the point of the character 100%!

      I dont know, when I see some ass with a join date of 2011 on the org telling me, a collector of MOTU on & off since 1995, that Im not a real fan because I didn’t buy a sub- even though i did get one! – that is the type of elitist cold hearted scumbag crap which is gonna kill teh lien.

      The attitude of “since I’M ok, I don’t care what happens to everyone else” sounds a lot more like Skeletor than He-Man…

      • In the end, they're a business. You need to see that. The rest is just your rationalizing of the matter. Sure, their practices aren't the most copacetic, but at the size of the company, they don't care to be. They dictate the pace, & you either accept it or don't.

        • That is exactly the type of attitude that is the problem. Making money is not an end to its own means, and does not justify any and all actions. People like you are the problem and why Matty will never fix anything. “It doesn’t matter what they do that’s shady they’re so big they can do what they want.” They take advantage of your complacency and attitude of “the company is always right.”. But hey its all good as long as you and me get the toys, who cares about anyone else, right? Sadly… typical Org attitude.

        • If you're running a business, making money is an end in itself. It's pretty much the point. My issue with Mattel is that they're too shortsighted to realize they could make more money if they quit all the BS and just sold figures. But enough fans have rewarded them with risk-free money to keep things going, so I guess it's pretty unlikely to change.

        • Buddy, I've never once in my life been on the boards at the Org, so please, don't throw me into that easy assumption. Furthermore, blaming me for how Mattel does business shows just how out of touch, & truth be told, childish you are.

          I've said it before, & I'll say it ad infinitum, Mattel is not putting a gun on your head. You don't like how they handle their affairs, step away. That's the best way that you can make your dollars speak. As far as I'm concerned, the toys I get from them on a monthly basis outweigh everything else. You may disagree, but that's where I'm at still, even after 5 years. I enjoy their product, & the rest of what comes with it has not put a damper on my enjoyment of said product. I take advantage of Mattel, not the other way around.

          Now, do I condone EVERYTHING that Mattel does, or how they go about doing it? No, but I also don't let myself be bothered by it, either. I look at all angles & make an assessment. The day the headaches outweigh the benefits will be the day I stop giving Mattel my money. It's truly that simple. Everything else, IMHO, is like trying to converse with a brick wall.

          Think about it, Mattel has shown you for 5 YEARS now how they conduct themselves (one step forward, three steps back), that's ample enough time to make a thoughtful decision about where you stand with them, & their practices. Now, with what you've outlined above, & with how you've so conveniently labeled me, I would deem it safe to assume that you're not on board with Mattel, so, Big R, my question to you is, what are you going to do to solve this so-called problem?

        • "I would deem it safe to assume that you're not on board with Mattel, yet you begrudgingly bought the sub, so…"

          Is what that phrase was supposed to read, leading into the question. :S

  • I'm glad I'm getting Fang Man, but I can't not see this as a million different evil plots from the house of Matty.

    I will agree with one of the comments that Mattel continually dividing the fanbase really isn't good. I know they want everyone to be "all in on everything" but eventually, that will be the end of the line. The amount of people who will buy everything is considerably smaller than the amount of people who will buy most. The people who will only buy a few, aren't as important, but there are a lot of folks who will buy the majority of stuff. The more you push people away, the more your sales decrease.

    But whattya gonna do? It's Mattel's ballgame.

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  • I'm glad I have a sub for the first time this year. It will be nice to be able to get Strobo early in the year. That is a nice sub bonus.

    I think they really want to push the sub and are using this to push the filmation sub and the sub for next year, but I think they could have been more upfront when they were pushing it last year. They mentioned some figures may not have day of sales, but left it pretty vague. They must have had some idea of who they were planning on not having day of figure for. I think if they had been more open then they wouldn't have created such a negative reaction.

    • It’s mattel’s screw-up there’s no doubt on this, and you folks, the “hey, everyone had a chance to sub,” people, you’re all dumb. No disrespect. Why would I make such a caustic statement? Two reasons:

      1) DoS are still sales. Even if the allotment for Marty collector is only 100 figures, that is 100 more chances to make money than they had under the sub-only model.

      2) As a ploy to encourage film action subs, it’s I’ll considered. It’s bad PR right before you ask people to shell out money. That does not encourage sales. They’re generating negative buzz on the web everywhere their service is mentioned right before a big buying season. Imagine if Walmart released their black Friday ad, and said “we hate Asians” on the front page… Same thing. Strategically, it’s beyond stupid. Does it serve us non subversion right that we can’t cherry pick? Maybe, but hat cherry picking, where the customer is already paying more for the product than you subbers, we’re worth mOre to Mattel, in profit-per-sale terms, and we now, for this fig, represent a lost revenue stream. Yeah, thanks for sticking it to us, you really taught us a valuable lesson today. Dumbasses.

      • It’s like I just made your point with the comment I posted at the same time.

  • I have to say I am upset. I followed the whole thing pretty well and decided not to get a sub. I did not take that statement to mean they wouldn’t have day of sales, but only that they would have fewer for day of sales. They need to work on their communication, since I’m clearly not the only one who took it that way.

    I’m finding myself buying fewer figures each time something like this happens, and I’m happy to do so.

    Apparently, I’m one of the few who decided to vote with his wallet and didn’t cave to their pressure. U.fortunately for them, I was planning on getting a filmation sub. Now that I can’t get Fang Man, I don’t see the point. It’s like they don’t want my business.

  • Even as many times as Mattel has blatantly screwed up, I’m still inclined to wait and see as many of the facts as possible before jumping to a conclusion. As such, I’ll wait and see what other figures don’t go up day-of-sale before accusing them of further sales-baiting.

    I have the sub all the MOTU subs simply because I’ve decided that this is the line I’m all in for (in fact to the detriment of several other of my collections). That’s my choice and that’s all it is a choice. I absolutely don’t begrudge anyone who wants to cherry pick certain characters. They have every right to do that.

    HAVING SAID THAT– I have absolutely zero sympathy for anyone accusing Matty of false information on this one. They went above and beyond to inform everyone that certain figures would be flat out unavailable on sale day this year. This isn’t them suddenly pulling the rug– EVERYONE should have known this was coming.

    But, it’s the interwebz and we’re toy collectors so we’re going to look for things to complain about no matter what. :-p

    • Having read everything I could during the sub period, it is absolutely untrue that they went “above and beyond to inform everyone that certain figures would be flat out unavailable on sale day this year.” I was absolutely unaware, despite diligently investigating all information I could find before choosing not to sub.

      In fact, they advertised Fang Man multiple ways with a sub and non-sub price. It is very disingenuous.

      • I’m sorry, with all respect, I just don’t see how that’s possible. At any rate, my condolences and I do sincerely hope you are able to acquire a Fang Man if you really want one.

      • Yeah, I have to call bunk. The contract you had to read to even sign up for the subscription clearly stated that some figures might not be available day of.

  • I guess Mario there has a point. Since I can’t provide a one sentence solution to all the problems i shoudl STFU and take it. Everything is cool with him as long as he gets his toys. Who cares what happens to others, right? As long as I’m ok, who cares about what happens around me.

    Again, that is exactly the attitude that encourages and allows all the issues this line has.

    You got roped into the Org douchebaggery because what you said is pretty much the same selfish attitude they display. Look in the mirror a little bit there buddy. Mattel isn’t forcing anyone to collect, but this stuff plays with people’s nostalgia and memories of childhood in a big way- and to take advantage of that nostalgia by doing the wrong thing… and justify it by saying “well *I* got MY figures and I have no problems so STFU”- so the 1st Filmation figure has no DOS, less than 48 hours after a big announcent and push to sell a sub of Filmation figures… not very “heroic” is it?

    What is your solution to all the problems Mario? Maybe you’d care to further justify some more corporate shenanigans. Maybe you have a good reason for all the problems. Maybe you’d just like to prove your sub makes you a better collector than others.

  • I'm assuming Fang Man isn't getting any day of product, because he might be deemed "too risky" or something. Even though Netossa is not really a well known character, she at least has a vintage figure counterpart. Fang Man doesn't, and as vocal as the Filmation fans are, it seems that the majority of MOTU fans want the vintage figures remade. That's just a guess though.