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Big Red

Big Red by ridureyu

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Who is Doc Thomas? He is a lifelong toy collector and member of the international (i.e., non-U.S.) collector community. He enjoys making short films, non sequiturs, and dressing up in a bear suit at work.

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    • So far, I've found Big Red and Stealth Falconer in roughly even numbers – not super-common, but they are at Toys R Us. They might have been snapped up by now. The City Hunter is harder to find, though.

      Also, check that flickr account – I've been going nuts with Big Red for the last week or two!

      • A TRU I go to was the same way with these Preds when I picked up mine. They had four Big Reds, four Stealth Falconers, and only one City Hunter.

        • The City Hunter is shortpacked, most likely because it's barely a repaint (or at least less of one than the Falconer). It's not one per case, though. I think the assortment is something like 4-4-2.