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Prime Evil by Colonel Raines

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  • I think the show WAS great — well, for Filmation, anyway. But it was certifiably creepy, that's for sure. Love Prime Evil!

  • The show WAS awesome!!! this Colonel Raines guy on the other hand… what a joke! 😉

  • I hadn't seen this show in YEARS but upon watching it again I was hit with so much nostalgia feels. The whole transformation scene was like a literal blast from the past.

    Filmation was ever so fond of burning screen time with stock footage, i.e. He-Man's transformation scenes and the GB's too…

  • I wish I still had my Filmation's Ghostbusters toys. I had everything except for the Ghostbusters car. They were really some cool. cartoon accurate toys.

    All i have left is Fib Face, Scared Stiff (with a broken arm) and the blue evil rat guy (missing an arm, also).