Poe’s Point > “Mini Comics Included” Kickstarter Project

A new Kickstarter project has been making the rounds lately. What is it, exactly? I’ll let the creators explain: MINI COMICS INCLUDED is a collaboration started by comic creators Tim Seeley,Steve Seeley, and Michael Moreci. Remember the fun you had with comics, toys, and cartoons as kids? That’s what we’re bringing back! Imagination! Excitement! Heart! […]

Poe’s Pick of the Week & Other Sponsor News

Poe’s Pick of the Week:┬áBATMAN CLASSIC 1966 TV FIGURES SERIES 01, 02, BOX SET We have just listed the first two waves of the Batman Classic 1966 TV Figures, as well as the first box set. The first wave includes Batman, Riddler and Penguin and is listed at $54.99 for the Set of 3; the […]

Sightings > Outer Space Men Cosmic Creators Mel Birnkrant Edition of OSM Waves 3 and 4

  The Outer Space Men line continues to chug along.┬áThe latest offering is the “Cosmic Creators” set of OSM waves 3 and 4, which were designed by OSM creator Mel Birnkrant. Fully compatible with Onell Design’s Glyos system, this is a limited-edition set available only through the official OSM site, theouterspacemen.com. The set sells for […]

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth!

I try to keep any and all non-toy-related content to a medium around here, but this was just too important.* IDW is rebooting its ongoing Godzilla comicbook for the third time, and this time, they’re taking the fans’ advice to heart by assembling a fan-favorite team of creators. San Diego, CA (March 13, 2013) – […]

Review > The Deacon (Prometheus, NECA)

Click on any photo for a larger version. Like Poe said a while ago, Prometheus really isn’t a very good movie. And yet, I own it. And watch it. It raises some interesting discussion, especially on the difference between the philosophies of Dan O’Bannon, who wrote Alien, and Ridley Scott, who wrote Prometheus. Another thing […]