So much for Happy Strobo Day


I totally forgot about it, and he’s already sold out. Wow. Fortunately I wasn’t planning on ordering him.

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  • already? damn. I had forgotten about it. I'll keep my fingers crossed that there's still some at NYCC

  • Everybody is swarming the trading post looking for him.

    I really don't see the appeal, personally. I agree that the only thing about him that does anything for me is the Zodak head, and that's just not worth $25.

  • Was this an early access thing to subscribers that you missed out on? I didn't know anything was for sale today.

    • Yep, subscribers w/ early access could order him at 11am, I think. He sold out by 11:30 (or earlier – 11:30 was when I checked).

      • A friend that got one for me said he sold out in 60 seconds.

        I'm sure they held back a lot of their run for Power-con and NYCC since that's what the whole point of the "traveling convention figure". The leftovers will be online after those two conventions, most likely in the November/early December black Friday sale like TOD Sorceress.

        • If it was really 60 seconds, why even bother? Seems like this might be yet another attempt at a positive PR event that backfires.

        • He definitely sold out in the first few minutes. I really wish Mattel had implemented a 1 figure per sub limit on this guy. Not sure why they bothered with even putting such a minimal number on the site and hyping it up. Definitely not going to pay the $75 and up most ebay sellers are asking for him now.

        • I think they did it on purpose to illicit a response. The hatred we feel for Mattel only makes them stronger. 😉 It is what they call hype.

  • I'm surprised they had such limited amounts available for this Early Access thing. Practically defeats the purpose of it, esp. since I suspect the guy will "pegwarm" on Mattycollector in December.

    • pretty long, i'd imagine, since no one would be looking for him until tomorrow. 🙂

      poe my man, get a hook up arranged for one of the cons, if you actually want strobo, just because he's sold out now doesn't mean he's permanently sold out. by cyber monday, he'll be up 20 bucks, you watch, but again, he's the con exclusive, make arrangements with someone attending a con to snag one for you. you won't have him tomorrow, but you'll get to keep off dr mrs ghostal's pooplist (who likely wouldn't be too happy w/ you for paying triple what you have to for one figure)

  • From FB:
    Hey He-Fans,

    I know there is some concern about Strobo selling out fast. As we noted, he really is our “2013 traveling convention” figure, but as a special bonus we made a very small amount available during Early Access for sub holders. Strobo will still be available at Grayskull Con, Power Con, NYCC and a limited amount in late fall on (much as we did for TOD Sorceress) so today was not the only opportunity to get Strobo.

    This was followed up by a lot of posts from angry non-US He-Fans

    • Of course they're angry. Unless everybody can get every figure (instantly, without shipping time) for a reasonable price (free, or maybe MAttel pays you), then it's worth complaining about.

  • I’m surprised I got one if it sold out as quickly as it did. I literally set an alarm for 5 minutes prior and ordered mine using my iPhone while still in bed.

    $37 after taxes and shipping is a lot for a figure I’m flat out not crazy about. I may just keep the Zodak head and meteorite accessory and try to partially recoup some of it by selling the figure itself. Maybe if his gun gets officially announced in the next weapons pack I might change my mind.

    But yeah… I wanted that Zodak head pretty bad.

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