And the 2013 MOTUC SDCC Exclusives Are…

…Rokkon and Stonedar!

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Masters of the Universe® Classics Rokkon™ & Stonedar™ 2-Pack

The Comet Warriors have arrived! This 2-pack of vintage MOTU Rockmen figures includes the young and excitable Rokkon™ and the wise and heroic Stonedar™. Recreate the Filmation look with snap-on arm and leg armor, or go bold(er) and transform into full rock mode with the additional snap-on front piece! Each figure also comes with trademark laser gun that they can hold, or can be snapped into chest. These figures, sculpted by the Four Horsemen, come in window box packaging and are not part of Club Eternia.

This product will be available for pre-order at on June 4, 2013, to be picked up at San Diego Comic-Con (details to come). It will also be available for purchase at the show, then at on August 5, 2013.

I’ll admit to being a bit amazed that they managed to get the transforming effect to work. This is a great use of the exclusive spot with what looks like some great engineering on the part of the Four Horsemen and Mattel’s design team.

No word on a price yet, but I would venture it’ll be in the $30-$50 $50-$70 range. On a side note, why does Mattel only provide these tiny, low-res photos? It makes me sad. The figures look great, you’d think they’d want to show them off.

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  • I had… one of these guys from the vintage line, and I always thought it was a fun, clever, underrated figure.

    I suspect $35-$40 might be optimistic, but you probably know better than me, as I only have a handful of MOTUC figures and have never followed the line's developments closely.

  • I'd guess this 2-pack will be $60+ considering a single MOTUC is now $27, and Matty SDCC items are usually higher than their retail/subscription prices.

    • You might be right…I was thinking of past exclusives. Though I've generally found the exclusive prices surprisingly reasonable compared to the cost of regular figures.

    • Yeah, I could see $60 to $75 since these are exclusive and seem to have extra parts (the shell pieces for the rock transformations).

  • I think it's going to be $60.

    I'm on the fence as far as whether I think it's a good idea to recreate the transformation. As touchy as everyone is about this line's too loose/too tight articulation, it could be a disaster. But you can tell they at least tool'd a new groin to allow more bending.

  • So… is it bad because nobody wanted them and we're being "forced" to buy them, or bad because everybody wanted them, and they're a con exclusive?

    • Well, no one's being "forced" to buy them – that's kind of the point of an exclusive. And I think it would be hard to argue nobody wanted them – I've seen plenty of support for them over the years.

      The other argument? Well, maybe 🙂 But it seems to me the SDCC exclusives have been pretty easy to get on Mattycollector.

  • small photos are stupid beyond stupid. i'm sure others have mentioned this to toy handjob, but feel free to pass it along… again.

    as for the figs themselves, they look alright. i might have foolishly hoped to get 100% tools for them, but i live in a world where only NECA seems to be able to afford new tools, so c'est la vie. they accomplsh the action feature, even if in a jedi mindtrick kind of way like the battle armor guys did. that's cool. my only complaint w/ them is the vastly overused trap jaw legs. that's enough of the damned trap jaw bits already.

    that said, there's more than a few shenangians going on in the bios. however i like to rewrite bios, so i don't know what on earth i'd do w/ my free time if it weren't for the crappy motuc bios.

    like these guys, i suspect the stoned warriors here will be closer to 60 than 35, since ram man was 35, but the FFM have more accessories than these guys, and an extra figure, and are still only 75… i would think these two will clock lower than that.

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