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  • I can't believe those OLD pics are still up on that Spawn site… McFarlane Toys is such a mess.

  • You know, I subscribe, but the timing of these "No DOS" figures is very, very predatory. It's quite manipulative to pull that kind of thing when you're hard-selling a sub the same month. Twice in six months? The amount of chest-thumping from fellow subscribers is immature and insensitive. It doesn't exactly endear someone currently collecting to subscribe, or a new customer to come to the table to make a purchase. It doesn't surprise me- it's taking a page from the Japanese vinyl market marketing book yet again- but I would have hoped that Scott wouldn't continue to think of fellow fans as that stupid- especially after GrayskullGate.

    Subscription originally was so collectors who wanted everything could get it easily without a hassle, not to guarantee minimum sales. I know Scott is tired of the (sometimes) unfair criticisms. I am kind of tired of the word games, and the hard sell. If there was some integrity on his end, fans wouldn't be so harsh on theirs. It's over the top and quite extreme, but both sides give it to the other. I get that press is good, but this type of repeated almost-threats is ridiculous. What in February was a "definitely subbing again next year" has slowly turned into a moral issue as the months pass.

    No one confronts Scott or Matty on any of this type of behavior, except online, so it's no wonder it's continued for so long, and started yet again this year. Watching a few videos from past conventions, he even challenges fans to call him out. No one stepped up to the plate. In fact I've noticed a marked lack of criticism, especially compared to the much smaller issues since 2009. The rage over character selection is worse than availability, semi-forced subs, or even the really excessive shipping prices- that is just silly.

    I watched Scott's appearance on Toy Hunter last night coincidentally, and I was very surprised that there was zero mention of him as a Mattel employee. Shame on Hollywood Heroes, Scott, and Mattel. Then to see this, ugh. One thing is for certain, the line will continue for at least two years, regardless of whether anyone subscribes or not. I anticipate the same sob stories and same certain sites to help push the sub yet again as they did in 2011 & 2012- both years we were told "the line will end if you don't sub"- keep that in mind and a level head.

    Sorry if I come across as extremely negative. It's just frustrating to see this type of behavior.

    • I'm not going to go so far as to see conspiracy in the selection of which figures don't have day-of-sale stock, but it is weird that some figures do have DOS stock, and some don't. The number of subscriptions is static from month to month, so it seems like logic would suggest either there would always be DOS stock, or none at all. Why would they produce fewer Clamp Champs than Octavias? There may be a good reason for it, I don't know, but it just seems strange.

      • The only pattern I see is when subscriptions come up for sale, DOS figures disappear. Twice in six months. It also seems to be the same time for the past two years that the line is in danger of being cancelled, and buying a sub is the only way to save the line. It's not really a conspiracy if it's out in the open and blatant, and repeated often.

      • While the timing is admittedly suspect, I’m willing to see if any other characters aren’t sold day of before I too call it a conspiracy.

        I will say, while I love this line and these characters a lot, I miss the level of excitement and good will that existed during the first year or so of its existence. Between Mattel’s mind blowing lack of PR capabilities and the fans honestly upsetting ability to viciously turn on each other over a hobby (check the Facebook comments under any Matty announcement…yeesh), it sadly feels like the best way to stay positive about it is to just keep your head down and your mouth shut.

        • Do you honestly believe Mattel thinks there is more demand for Karatti and the Fighting Foemen than Clamp Champ? How could this not be deliberate?

        • That was the way I felt for some time, too. But the longer I collect the line, the more I see an increasing pattern of "pushing the envelope of truth" that is increasing as the years go on, because no one says anything, at least in person, or with their own name, which seems what Scott has challenged for in the past.

          Within the last year alone we've had 2 DOS issues, GrayskullGate, DR shipping games, black plastic, Frosta and Stinkor's arms- all of which were given very flimsy explanations. There's a bit of retroactive continuity that creeps in as well as the line gets older, and memories grow shorter, and people that speak out about it are viewed as crazy, or simply deleted outright online, at some places. Not here mind you 😉 which is why I respect this site and it's level-headedness.

          I think a lot of the bad feelings could be prevented by telling the truth in the first place, and a little more compassion for fellow man for many He-Man fans. In all of these cases, even if it costs a few sales or subs, being straight up would have won major points with jilted fans. I was actually happy about a smaller Castle, as it will fit into a better display spot in my house 😉 and I am willing to bet the vast majority of fans would have still preordered if the mock up was the right size. Being fair, about DOS figures, they were very honest about the possibility of no DOS figures- but they could have gone a step further and said "One, possibly more, will definitely not available DOS, guaranteed."

          I also think that many fans are just not that kind to others, like they claim to be. There's always been a little competitiveness to the hunt, of course. I have personally reached out to a few people who on various forums have offered to sell a Spirit of Hordak at cost, but when it came time to do the deal, tried to add FFF for $100+ or in one case just added $100 to the PayPal invoice without even saying anything LOL. When profit becomes a factor, good will is expendable. You also see a lot of very "positive" fans on some sites just absolutely punish non-subscribers on Facebook and other places. Gloating, too-poor stuff, it's ridiculous, and shameful. Would He-Man tell someone to "get a job"? C'mon. Not everyone can afford over $500 in action figures, and it's not such a good deal if you don't want everything offered that year! It's cool for me, as I wanted almost everything announced last year, and I am lucky enough to be in a place to be able to do that. I did watch the Filmation episodes, and I do remember the morals at the end- for me not to say something when you're faced with this type of thing is worse than to say something.

  • I'm not going to address Matty or Scott's issues – I think everyone here knows where I stand on that.

    However, THANK YOU, POE for mentioning the Curse of Spawn Raenius. I immediately thought of that figure as well.

    …then I felt old.

    Not only did I love that figure series at the time, but I still have it all on display! It is one of the few Spawn/McFarlane series to have survived several toy room purges over the years.

    • As far as I can tell, the name "Raenius" isn't a name from mythology or anything. Someone at McFarlane (either the toy company or the Curse of the Spawn comic) made it up, or possibly swiped it from some work of modern fantasy fiction. Either way, it kind of sticks out like a sore thumb as Clamp Champ's real name.

  • I quite like the way they rub the issue in on the subscription page:
    Not all Club Eternia® items are offered to the general public (remember Fang Man™?)

    Personally I would rather have Octavia, as I like the design, and I would have been a lot more cheesed off without a crack at her.

    • It's not like people can subscribe now to get Clamp Champ. I suppose you could argue it's an attempt to get people to subscribe for 2014, but if so it's not a very good one, because I would think it would annoy as many collectors into not subscribing as it would frighten collectors into subscribing.

      I always thought MOTUC was going to be in trouble after Mattel stopped holding back Ram Man. And I have a sneaking suspicion Star Wars Black 6" is about to become the new "it" line, and that's going to draw off at least some of the more casual MOTUC collectors.

      I can say that I've decided not to subscribe for 2014. I barely subscribed this year; guaranteeing Ram Man pushed me into it, but I've been selling most of the other figures I've received this year. It's just too much, and there's just too much other stuff I want to collect. My toy budget is limited – it's certainly less than that of a lot of other toy bloggers, particularly those who get a lot of free samples – and so, now that I have my core group of MOTUC, it just doesn't make sense to continue committing such a large portion of my toy budget for toys that I'm likely not very interested in. (And it doesn't help that even after SDCC, I wouldn't even know 60% of what I'd be committing to spend that money on).

      • I think there's a lot of other people thinking like you this year, Poe, and it makes Matty a little afraid, hense the tactics, which have worked well for them in the past. Last year's goal seemed to be "How can we cut costs, while preparing customers for a price increase?" and this year's goal seems to be "How can we increase guaranteed sales, and decrease warehousing costs?" To be fair, neither of those on the face are "evil" – just handled insensitively. I'll be on the fence until I see what's announced.

  • I guess Mattel is taking the subtle approach to selling the sub this year.

  • Shameful, but expected tactics from Mattel.

    As others have repeatedly noted, when there is a "baseline" number of figures which need to be produced for the subscriptions, it doesn't make sense for some figures to receive "day of sale" stock and others to be additional subscription exclusives. It would make sense if certain fan-demanded characters received additional "day of sales" stock (e.g. Sorceress, Ram Man and Mantenna), but it doesn't make sense for Karatti to have "day of sales" stock, but Clamp Champ to be subscription only.

    It's the same for the Filmation subscription where the heavily rumoured and fan-demanded Sea Hawk will apparently have no "day of sales" stock, yet figures like Icer will have additional stock. It doesn't make any sense.

  • I made the mistake of going to Matty's facebook page and reading the comments that go along with this post. I guess that I'm just not a real MOTU fan because I don't have the means to sub and I don't treat other collectors like sh*t.

    Ultimately I was not planning on getting Clamp Champ anyway, but I think pulling this stunt with a vintage figure is really lame.

  • This is great news for me. Hopefully Clamp Champ will become super valuable, so when I sell him I can make back some of the money I've lost on other MOTUC duds. You'll never convince me that Mattel isn't intentionally picking who they short, but I don't exactly know the "logistics" behind it. There is a clear motivation, but what I think, isn't so certain. The whole practice is odd.

    I've only wanted a handful of figures I've gotten in the sub this year, but most of the figures I can't bring myself to resell because the market has dropped out. Which means I end up holding onto figure I don't really want just on principle alone. Star Sisters, I'm looking at you!

    I never cared for Clamp Champ in the vintage line and have no attachment to him. So I'm hopeful that someone who does, wants to pay a premium price to me. =/

  • I'd like Two-bad and the Horde Troopers now, and that's about it – I'll be happy to pay a premium now for those, and end on a high with the Castle. It would take a minor miracle to make me sub next year, but I do appreciate the quarterly shipping option.

  • Well my He-Bro custom will be a little more difficult to make now… 🙁

  • I wonder if a figure like Clamp Champ is more expensive to produce, and so they make fewer of them. I can't remember which figures all were MIA for day of sales, but could it be that they make fewer of the more expensive figures?