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  • Recently I ditched the list of links I had on the sidebar and added the widget that actually provides links to new content from those sites. How are people liking that feature? I think it’s much cooler than a boring list of links, but I know some people used the list to bounce from my site to other sites.
  • Note to Poe’s Pic of the Day members: if you can, start adding photos of various non-Iron Man figures in the iconic “Fist on the Ground” pose to the Flickr group. You’ll know why soon.
  • I don’t know what the hell this thing is, but it may be the most hilarious SDCC exclusive of all time.
  • Now that I’ve got a few Tamashii Stage Act stands, Mattel’s new flight stands look kind of huge and cumbersome. But they can probably hold heavier figures than even the Stage Act 5.
  • I never played the NES Friday the 13th game and by all accounts it was an experience more painful than any of the film series’ victims ever endured. NECA’s SDCC exclusive figure pays homage to the game, which is cool and all, but the packaging for the game is incredibly awesome.
  • Hasbro has unveiled its SDCC exclusives to usatoday.com (the source for up-to-the-minute news for toy collectors). Of note are the Marvel Universe Legends Thunderbolts, a Marvel  Universe Deadpool Corps in taco-styled packaging, the amazing G1 Jetfire-style Skystriker, a Baroness with a pet Ravage, an Autobot-branded Snake Eyes, a G1 Hound-styled V.A.M.P., a G.I. Joe-style Bludgeon (Hasbro really went all-out with the G.I. Joe/TF crossovers this year, didn’t they?), what I think is a G.I. Joe-scaled Blaster in boombox form, and of course, the 6″ Boba Fett with Carbonite Han that will cause more blood to be spilled than Helen of Troy.
  • So, as I mentioned a few weeks back, I was excited by Tamashii Nations’ new version of Ultra-Act Ultraseven. For complicated reasons I won’t get into, Bluefin cannot import that figure into the U.S., so the only way to get it is through Japanese sites. Only a handful of these Japanese sites ship to U.S. addresses. These Ultra-Act figures go on sale at a predetermined time – much like Mattycollector sales – and it’s at 4pm Japan time, which is 4am here. And so Doc Thomas (who lives in Australia, in nearly the same time zone as Japan) was kind enough to agree to handle the ordering for me. And what happened? “I’m really sorry, dude – we didn’t get through. I was at the computer 10 minutes beforehand, and I had another friend trying as well, and as soon as it hit 4pm in Japan we both got 503 errors for about 20 minutes. It hung on a white screen for ages at a time – we refreshed multiple times, tried different browsers, it only came back at 4:22pm and was sold out.” Sound familiar? It was Mattycollector all over again. Fortunately he was able to get me one via HLJ, but I’d forgotten how irritating this sort of thing is. And I wasn’t even the one on the computer this time…

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  • I owned the F13 game. in fact, I think it's one of the few NES games I still own, having sold most of them years ago on Ebay. I never knew anyone else who even played the game, let alone owned it, but it's cool to see NECA doing some fun stuff like they did with the Robocop inspired by Kenner's GITD version.

    I haven't managed to snag UltraSeven, but I'm really wishing horrible things to happen to Sompote Saengduenchai and all of Chaiyo for what they've done to Ultraman and my subsequent Ultra-Act toys.

    I like the link feature.

    • I am one of the (un)lucky ones who begged the parents for the Friday the 13th game and received it as a present…and then proceeded to spend years figuring out the game and eventually, defeating Jason.
      Granted, there are bits of myself left to that game that I can never get back. And it's not a great game. But I could NOT STOP PLAYING IT. Truly a game only for the masochists. I'd still plug and play it today if I had a working NES.

  • The NES Jason is an amazingly clever exclusive!!!

    As for Hasbro, I'm mostly after the ML Thunderbolts and the MU Deadpool Corps. I do dig the Jetfire Skystriker, but the rest of that set doesn't interest me that much.

    And, thumbs up for the new link feature. I like it!

  • hey uh, sweetness? you've got your exclusives crossed… the thunderbolts multi-box is marvel LEGENDS, the 6 inchers, the marvel UNIVERSE exclusive is the deadpool corps. 😉 you're slipping in your old age.

    • You may be 100% completely right, but I'm really curious about this. I don't actually own the game in my ridiculous collection (I should probably rectify that) but I've played it for a little bit and thought it was okay, and I've watched the AVGN and the Giant Bomb guys take it on and a bunch of other videos and I don't think it's that bad. I'd like to know what people hate about it so very, very much – it's stupidly difficult, bordering on impossible, like a lot of NES games of that era, and it has a bunch of weird broken elements (the map and inability to tell what direction you're moving in is a stumper) but it has a lot of cool ideas, especially for a game of that era. Can you tell me what makes it so horrible?

      • I think you mostly answered your own question, but I'll add one other bit – the game should have made you Jason hunting the victims. It would never have flown in the 1980s, of course – Peggy Charen & company would have been all over it – but I'm sure that's what people wanted, since Jason was really the protagonist of those films.

        • I don't hate the game. Not every game should be a cakewalk. Or Cakewalk, the legendarily rare Atari 2600 game.

          Poe, fun fact – LJN did a pack-in poster that solicited a version of Nightmare on Elm Street that would have had you playing as Freddy. Wonder if that actually made it to the programming stage…

      • At the time it came out, it was really, really difficult. Especially for kids, many of whom had the game but were too young to see the movies. That was par for the course though with the NES and licensed games. F13, TMNT, and X-Men were all pretty difficult, and no so great. I do have a soft spot for that X-Men game though, and I must have wandered the desert an entire summer in that damn Mad Max game wondering when I was going to be able to do something cool.

      • I did not own it myself, but I just recall going over my friend's house and playing it there. I think it was the let down of having to do a lot of stupid stuff and it just being really difficult.

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