Separated at construction?


Per an earlier comment by PrfktTear: Pacific Rim should show up on home video just in time for Gypsy Danger to make a promotional guest appearance dancing alongside Cleatus the Fox Sports Robot.

8 thoughts on “Separated at construction?”

  1. You know the Fox Sports robot is actually a pretty cool toy. My friend has it, posed menacingly over his X-Men display as a variant Sentinel model. He kept the Fox logo on the toy rather than painting over it, and I asked him why. His theory is that if mutant-purges and Sentinels really existed, Fox News would be one of the major proponents of the use.

    1. I nabbed Cleatus 2.0 at your behest a while back when BBBY had them on sale. Thirty bucks is a bit much to swallow for a novelty gift, but for fifteen clams you're getting a hell of a toy!

  2. Heh… my comment got it's own post!

    Not that it was suggested, but I'm not implying that Danger was actually ripping off Cleatus, they're two humanoid mechs… there's only so many ways that can go… still, you can't un-see it now, can you? 😉

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