Awesome Predator custom by Jin Saotome


Master customizer Jin Saotome created this Predator from NECA Predator parts, based on the Alien vs. Predator arcade game.

For the record, I’d love an official NECA figure like this. But what I’d really like to get is a Jungle Predator repaint with Dark Horse colors:



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  • Jin does really awesome work – did you see his AvP Dutch and Razor claws alien?

  • there may be some pred parts in there, but a lot of that base is a jakks pacific deluxe aggression wrestler.

    • nah… motuc's don't have double hinge knees, nor is their ab crunch that… crunchy. plus, it's pretty easy to spot telltale signs like the biceps veins when you own about 4 dozen of the jakks guys. 🙂

  • Yeah, Jin mentions that it's from a UFC figure and I think those figures only had different shins from the wrestling figs.