BREAKING: American Godzilla Revealed?

Godzilla is taking on SDCC and he looks fantastic! Via Skreeonk! (link:

Courtesy of SKREEONK

So, is this it?  Legendary Pictures’s new American Godzilla?  Or is this just a take on the classic Japanese design?  It looks like it’s the real thing for the new movie, folks… I’m a little concerned because it looks almost too accurate for Hollywood, but the nerdy landscape has changed a lot since 1998, and movie studios seem to recognize the value of pandering.

So, what do you think?  Good, bad, GINO, or probably not the real thing at all?

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  • Its a pre-production piece. There were several of those and all were designs that were considered before they settled on the final look…which has yet to be revealed.

  • There’s been a lot of conflicting information as to whether this is the design used in the movie or not. It almost seems to me like one those cases where it actually *is* the design, but they want to try to keep the mystique and so they keep you guessing as to whether it is or isn’t.

    Anyway, take it with a grain of salt.

    • Gareth Edwards confirmed via at least two interviews (IGN and… damn, another) that this Godzilla maquette is not the design. It is pre-production and will resemble but isn't identical to the final design. This makes sense as there's at least three pre-production physical Godzillas in the Encounter, another full-body maquette that few people have photographed (green skin, long and thin, very saurian) and the head.

  • It's been stated that he'll be fighting other monsters. What that means, I'm assuming, is new monsters. Or, that they want us to collectively shit our pants when King Ghidorah shows up at the end of the movie.

    As for the design- if that's it, I'm a happy man (assuming he's not god damn green). It pulls enough from the classic suits, nature, and fantasy- I like the thicker, meatier neck (because he damn well better be firing off an atomic beam this time around and that seems like maybe a hint that we're gonna get that), I like that the shoulders and arms are a little forward (which reminds me a little of that unused Stan Winston studios design), and that the feet are large, but not clown-shoe big. I could go with bigger spines, but that's just my own silly preference. It's pretty close to perfect, so here's hoping. However it doesn't seem to match that SDCC poster that was released a day ago.

  • betting this is pretty spot on to the movie model, given the image in the poster. and i kind of like it. it's definitely not going to eating fish with jean reno!