Poe’s Point > Why hasn’t Star Wars Black 6″ made me obsessed with Star Wars again?

There’s a great book by psychology professor Daniel Gilbert (you may have seen him recently in a Prudential commercial where people put stickers on a big board showing the oldest person they know) called Stumbling On Happiness. It’s a fascinating read and I highly recommend it. What it talks about is that humans are terrible about […]

Tyrannosaurus ReX-mas

I picked this guy up at a dollar store while on vacation in NH last week. He was in a bin with a bunch of these and other dinosaurs in different colors, but he won me over with his Christmassy look. He’s only about 3″ tall, but he was also just 89¢.

Awesome Predator custom by Jin Saotome

Master customizer Jin Saotome created this Predator from NECA Predator parts, based on the Alien vs. Predator arcade game. For the record, I’d love an official NECA figure like this. But what I’d really like to get is a Jungle Predator repaint with Dark Horse colors:  

Poe’s Point > Thoughts on SDCC 2013, Part II: Star Wars, Marvel, TMNT, Toynami, Mezco, Square Enix

Continuing my thoughts on the SDCC reveals from last week… Hasbro Hasbro has four big licenses action figure franchises: Transformers, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, and Marvel. I don’t really collect Transformers or G.I. Joe at all (with a few exceptions), so I’ll just comment on the other two. Star Wars There was 3.75″ stuff, but […]

Identify the Toy > Star Wars Ball

Poester Lipsink asks: Can you tell me what this toy is and what it is supposed to do? This image is from a current eBay listing and the seller says it is a handheld travel toy? I purchased mine at a local Goodwill. When I put batteries in it and with earphones plugged in I hear […]