Star Wars Black 6″ Series 3 Pics

Hasbro sent along some nice big press photos of the three SWB figures that were shown at the Star Wars Celebration Europe over the weekend. So far we know series 3 will include a prequel Obi-Wan, a Stormtrooper, and a Bespin Luke. The fourth character remains unknown. I’m hoping for the Ice Cream Maker Guy – that will prove Hasbro’s serious about making this line as all-inclusive as the 3¾” lines. We waited too long for him the first time.

I need to make some sort of meter to chart “Poe’s Resistance to Star Wars Black” levels on a regular basis.

BS6 Stormtrooper Ep IV BS6 Obi-Wan Kenobi EpIII BS6 Luke Skywalker Ep V

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  • I’m a sucker for Bespin Luke, and it’s nice that they did a new heads sculpt for it.

  • I've seen in several places online that the fourth slot is ROTS Anakin. I think the most prominent place it was mentioned was a post on Fwoosh, but it's been repeated enough that there's probably some merit to the claim.

  • Anakin would make a lot of sense as I'm sure many people would buy them as a set. I definitely think I would be tempted too.

    I really hope the fourth figure is Admiral Ackbar, though.

  • I wish Hasbro would get better face sculpts on their Star Wars figures, all the human figures in this line have terrible sculpts.

    • I wouldn't go as far as calling them terrible, but I definitely was hoping for better.

  • The “spy reports” were accurate for every other figure in waves 2 and 3, I’d bet money Ep III Anakin is the final figure. Hopefully with two heads, jedi and sith versions.

  • ROTS Anakin – probably. BUT, if Hasbro wants to really sell the wave, it should be Vader. Here's the reasoning:

    Each of the first two waves have movie specific pairings:

    Wave 1: Luke/Artoo
    Wave 2: Han/Greedo (even Boba/Han or Han/Leia but neither are from the right films)
    Wave 3: really no pairing. Anakin/Obi-Wan would work, but I think the prequels should be limited to at most 1 per wave. Luke/Vader is perfect. Throw in the Stormtrooper for Vader as well and then you have a stellar wave.

    Hasbro can't keep holding onto Vader for too long. At 4 waves/year, if he's held until wave four, that puts him out to next summer. I would hope they wouldn't wait that long to release him.

    • How long did Sideshow wait to release an armored Darth Vader figure? Nothing that has come out suggests he is planned yet, especially not for the third wave.

      At best maybe he will be next year's SDCC exclusive and come with IT-O, then a regular version would come out later in the year.

  • That storm trooper is the first and probably only figure I need from this line (although I might break down for a generic clone trooper too. And a Bossk if they get that far.)

    But yeah, if nothing else I’ve always wanted a well-articulated 6″ classic storm trooper to fool around with and pose on my desk, so bought on site,

    Of course, he’s also the franchise’s definitive army builder so I’m sure finding him will be a mother.

  • I always avoided Star Wars figures because they were 3 3/4 inch and I don’t collect that scale, but Hasbro has hooked me with this line.

  • I want Admiral Ackbar for slot 4! Also how cool would it be for that Stormtrooper to have Han or Luke for an alt head?

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