Star Wars Black Series 2 – 6″ and 3 3/4″



Courtesy of Jedi Insider

So, is it Star Wars Black, or Star Wars Blecch?  Series 2 of the 6-inchers is confirmed to have Han Solo (finally), Slave Leia (A good thing, or exploitation of women?), Boba Fett (just not the exclusive), and Greedo (A good thing, or exploitation of Rodians?).  So, now we know for sure that Fett isn’t just a  con exclusive, and we are indeed getting our Han Solo!


Meanwhile, the 3 3/4″ Black series (essentially what used to be regular 3 3/4″ figures) is going to include a character who people have been clamoring for:  Mara Freaking Jade!  You know, Luke Skywalker’s wife who is a hot redhead, the super-secret second-in-command to the Emperor, an ultra-powerful Jedi, and totally not a Mary Sue.

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  • I really liked the head sculpting Han, but that 3.75" line is very meh.

  • Not a great head sculpt….but the same can be said for nearly every Hasbro Star Wars figure.