SWB6″ Greedo Fully Revealed


Looks pretty good.


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  • I've always had this nagging, paranoid theory that Hasbro puts at least one, glaring flaw in each and every Star Wars figure so that they can justify remaking the character a few years down the road. With this new Black series, I've pretty much completely embraced the belief.

    Have you seen the shots of R2 next to the other figures? He's way, way too small. And now Greedo here– on the computee mock ups on EE you can see he has eyelids. Now, with this figure, the eyelids have been painted (or maybe the definition between eyelid and eyeball were lost in the casting process) so now it looks like his eyes are oval shaped.

    But more than that, the paint seems way off. Just look at any pic of Greedo from the movie, ( or any of the figures from the last few years) and you can see everything is too pale, particulary his eyes.

    I was planning on being a completist on this series (I've never been a completist with any toyline, ever).
    As of now I'll be buying to Stormtrooper and…. maybe Maul?

  • The 3.75" Black series has done nothing for me so far but I'll probably snag a few of the 6" ones because I think they're going to hit some out of the park.