A few observations about the Ravens Kickstarter


NoisyDvL5 from IAT does already did something like this, but while his statistical analysis is great, he didn’t really discuss the stuff that interested me. For example, the Minotaur the Duck variant is far and away the most popular figure after the regular Raven. I think this says something about this campaign.

Minotaur the Duck originated as an argument on the old Four Horsemen bulletin boards. I try to keep abreast of what’s going on in the 4H’s world, but I had no idea who this guy was until recently. His immense popularity attest to the fact that this campaign has a lot of investment from former board members and diehard fans. That and people who just like funny toys. And Duck Dynasty.

Another thing I find interesting is how much money is being spent per person. Earlier this morning, the total – based solely on pledges, we’ll get to the add-ons in a minute – was $94,000. There were (at the time of this writing) about 900 backers. Less than a thousand backers, who had pledged, on average and before add-ons, an average of $100 apiece. A lot of that average may be coming from the whopping 119 people buying the $240 6-figure set; if we remove that, the total drops to 66,000 and the per person drops to $82.

But wait, there’s more! The way the “add-ons” work is that, if you want one of the “unlocked” figures, the bone wings or whatnot, you simply adjust your pledge to add the proper amount. So while officially there’s only about $95,000 in pledges, there’s another $70,000 in add-ons. That averages out to $177 per person! That’s nearly $100 more than my own current pledge.

I’d be surprised if your average Kickstarter campaign has that high an investment per person. It’s a testament to the Four Horsemen’s popularity, the quality of their work, and loyalty and enthusiasm of their fans.


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  1. Izdawiz

    I think the fact that Minotaur the Duck has an origin story really added to his appeal. It really seemed to capture people's imagination and got it some good publicity after Toypocalypse, because it was the only character with a bio. His existence also positively screams of fan involvement, like the ancient gods, he sprung from the forehead of one Zeus-like fan and destroyed him. Another fan created his visage and a third became his high priest. Then after being long forgotten in the sands of time he springs back to life to lead his fellow ravens to Kickstarter glory. As Kickstarter exclusive he is the chosen one and that is why he stands head and shoulders on his webbed feet above th rest of the flock.

  2. Fengschwing

    I know I'm going to get at least one, MAYBE two, but it's having to choose!
    I suspect that damn duck is going to win out, weirdly it's the fact you get the webbed feet with him that tipped the balance I think….

  3. TheBloodyAwfulPoet

    I'm in for about $200. I WAS in for about $350 at one point, but I had to dial it back to just the few that (if they sold out later) I knew I'd regret not ever getting (raven, Minotaur, eagle, vulture, Phoenix). There're a few more I hope to pick up next year when they're offered and when (hopefully) finances are better.

    I don't know about anyone else, but this summer has been brutal to my wallet: sdcc exclusives, aliens/predator, new ML (finally), and I've got the Hot Toys batmobile and hulk coming in this month. I hate to spend the $$$, but I know that those last two I'll likely not be able to get later at any kind of decent price.

  4. I wanted the raven & the vulture. I was wiling to drop $50 but these turned out to be too rich for my blood. $40 seems crazy!

  5. naugem

    No knock against Minotaur the Duck, but his popularity might also be related to the fact that he's the only Kickstarter-exclusive figure. Probably all of the other figures will later on be available through the 4HM store, so people are securing the one that won't be available later, and the one that due to its exclusivity might end up with a higher reselling price (though who can say, the Griffon might end up being produced in less quantity).

    • clark

      That's the only reason I'm getting Minotaur now. I'm not that interested in him, but I do find him mildly amusing, and I'd rather not decide next Spring that I want him standing next to my other birds. Plus I'm also getting the Rooster, and I just think the two of them have to go hand-in-hand.

  6. dayraven

    i do think there's something to be said here for the sad state of affairs that high-end toys find themselves in. the horsemen are one of if not the highest profile designer toy houses, and they come with a fanbase built in… and they have less than 1000 contributors. that's not very many people. it's a lot in the world of toys, but 1000 people in piddly. if that were a town, you'd drive through it before you even noticed you were in one… if that were downloads for a new song, that band would split up. pixel dan gets more than 1000 hits per video on his car-salesmanesque toy reviews. you're state fair sees more than traffic than that in a weekend, and all they're doing is selling corndogs and showing you fancy chickens.

    • Harrig

      What if Dan sold you some corndogs?

    • Izdawiz

      I disagree, Ephialtes. 1000 fans can change the world. It is more important to be true of heart than stout of wallet. Know this, 1000 committed true believers can change the world no matter what the field of endeavor. Do you hear that hale and hearty quack? It is a call to arms! We the 1000 have heard it. Together we stand ready to be led to victory behind the thundering hoofbeats of the four horsemen!

  7. clark

    I went into this saying I'd get 3 figures, and I'm already up to 6 birds, with plans on adding another figure and at least a set of bone wings. I hope the regular wings will be available through storehorsemen later, because if I decided to just get everything I wanted right now I'd be in this for like $700, and I can't do that right now.

  8. thomas

    quality people that make quality products will get rewarded.

  9. Misterbigbo

    I'm in for a bunch of these, and frankly I hope the stretch goals stop! I'm already over budget and can't make up my mind between a couple variants. Excellent design, sculpt, and color variations.

    • Monkey boy

      I agree. I’ve spent a lot of money, I’m good with what we got. They keep adding stuff but I’m pretty close to my limit.

  10. RobotsPJs

    I want stuff from this kickstarter, but I'm too damned broke.

    • Dex1138

      Right there with ya! I was ogling these beauties but my wallet slapped me down.

    • same here.
      my fiance and i thought these were totally awesome but dont want to drop the like 40 bucks each. even if we got a whole set and split the cost for 20 bucks each, we just decided to pass.

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